Originated on March 1, 2000


Rich Nottis Sr. October 13, 2001

“The Best of the Best”
An interview with the last regular season’s M.V.P. 2000
by Jack Moore

The last regular season M.V.P. the league may ever have is Rich Nottis Sr. who took home the honor for the 2000 season. He may be the last one because last year was the last time anyone kept stats for the league.

Sadly, that was the year our beloved scorekeeper, Bill Gassman Sr., passed way.

But what an M.V.P. to have for a year. This M.V.P. won just about everything one person could win at the awards night.

Rich Nottis Sr. had just about the perfect season in 2000. Not many players have ever had a season like he had that year.

In 2000, Rich pitched for the Crazy Leprechaun Bar team. That season, the Leprechaun team set a league all-time record in wins and loses. They won 21 games in a row, mainly because of their pitcher.

Nottis pitched all the games and had a 21-1 record (three wins were by forfeits). He also had the best E.R.A. in the league, 3.30 in 110 innings. He had the most KOs with 34. He won the Gold Glove award for the pitching position.

He has always been a great hitter, for a pitcher, that is.

Oh yes, he won the M.V.P. because he truly was an M.V.P. The team broke up for some reason after the 2000 season. But Richey agreed to play with the 2000 league champions, Anthony’s #2, for the 2001 season.


Rich suffered an injury at work that would not let him play the entire 2001 season. I asked him for an interview on the same night the 2001 league championship playoff series was to start. He said he would be glad to do it. So here is that interview.

Q--After your injury at work, when you were told that you could not play softball in 2001, how did you feel?

A—“Well, I was very upset. But there was nothing I could do about it. All I could do was come to the games and cheer my team on.”

Q—What did the 2000 season mean to you?

A—Well, it really meant a lot. I got a lot of awards last year, and at my age, I thought it was great. But I would throw all those awards away to win the championship. It would have been beautiful if we could have won the league, after having a great 21 and 1 season. It just worked out good for me, but not for our team.

Q—How did it feel to be voted M.V.P. of the 2000 season?

A—It was a great feeling, like I said. At age 41, it was a great honor. It really was. Especially since I was competing with all of these kids. Especially playing with the team I played with last year. It was unbelievable. And like I said, it’s just a shame we didn’t win the championship.

Q—When the Doctor says you can play again, do you think you’ll still have your old stuff?

A—Yes, because I feel pretty good right now. Tonight, the first game of the championship, I could throw right now. But because of the case with the doctors, there is no way I can do it. But yes, I think I will be OK next year when I come back.

Q—How bad was it, really, to sit out this entire season?

A—Oh, it was just terrible, especially since I have been pitching down here 21 years. It is unbelievable, to sit here and not play and see your team battle to get into the playoffs. Now the first game of the championship is starting. It really hurts after all these years of playing.

Q—Is this the first injury you have ever had in this league where you could not play?

A—Yes, this is the first time. I have never really been out hurt. I have never been out [of the game] in my life.

Q—How long do you plan on playing when the doctor says you can come back?

A—Well, I hope to be pitching down here until I’m 50 years old. That will give me a chance to play with my older children, and I have one more child who is 12. I would like to play with him in about four or five more years, so I am hoping to go to 50.

Q—How many teams have you played for in this league?

A—Boy, that is a tough one, Jack I would say about seven or eight over the 21 years.

Q--Was this your first M.V.P. ever?

A—Of the league? Yes.

Q—What are the chances of your children winning an M.V.P.?

A—Well, I would love to see all of my children win the M.V.P. down here. Like I said, it was a dream come true for me. I can only hope for the best for them. They’re young and still learning. Hopefully, by the time they are my age, they will have a couple [M.V.P. awards] under their belt.

Rich has always been considered one of the best pitchers in the league, year in and year out. Along with that, he is a gentleman. Never had a bad word for anyone. And as a father, he is tops. He is always with his kids, playing with them and helping them. I would like, as I am sure we all would, to wish him all the good things on the field when he comes back to pitch again. And thanks so much, again, for letting us all in on your life by agreeing to our interview.

Joe Wyatt #23
November 3, 2001
By Jack Moore

“This Hall of Fame player came from nowhere to become one of the best pitchers in the Fishtown League History” 1974 - 1984

At one time, Joe Wyatt did not even play softball. But if you want something bad enough, and you go out and work on it real hard, well, maybe someday…?

I’ll tell you one thing; you better be a real competitor in your heart! I watched Joe start from scratch. He knew nothing about pitching modified softball. But he had his mind made up; he was going to be a pitcher.

We asked Joey to go back and tell us about his start, and the years he played in the league. Here’s how he recalls things happening.

“I stopped over to Hetzell’s to watch a few games,” recalled Joe, who was working at E.J. Spangler Co. at Howard and Thompson Street at that time.

“I asked the coach of one of the teams his name,” said Joe. The coach’s name was “Strings.”

“Think you could give me a shot at pitching?” Joe asked Strings. “If I practice?” With no hesitation, Strings said, “Sure, Joe.”

“Doc” (Donald Dougherty) was working in shipping,” said Joe. “We had a lot of free time at Spangler’s. I asked him if he would catch me in the basement when he got finished packing. He did, and he gave me some great pointers.”

Joe then spent sometime recalling players he remembered from his days with the league.

“Doc was a magnificent ball player,” said Joe. “The swings of that thunderous bat won many a game.”

“Wow,” was the word Joe used to describe Bobby Mc Gee. “I had so much more confidence with him at shortstop, knowing he was there,” said Joe. Joe said Bob made him feel like a “larger tree.” “I spread my branches,” he explained, of the times he and Bob played together.

Reb (John Bland) was another player Joe remembered. Reb was From the south. “Reb played for Hotel #76, a terrible team,” said Joe. “But he stayed with them and became one of the best pitchers in Fishtown.”

My main player “Billy Gassman” soon as I sew Billy at the awards night it all came back to me no one could dig the ball out of the dirt and “gun them down like Billy”. Of all the players in the game “if I needed help” I would turn my head to the right (he was all the help I needed he would get me out of the inning) “I would look over to him” that little amirk the two of us had “good job Billy” Yes Jack the “truth” Billy Gassman did it all.

Eddie Emberger, Joe’s team’s “Charlie Hustle” did not have much of an arm, according to Joe. “But he made up for [not having a good arm] with his legs,” said Joe. “He was a great ball player.”

Jimo Fox and Richey Farley were the heart of every game, said Joe.

And last but not least there was “Junior.” “I did not know him well,” said Joe. “He played for Bradley’s Bar.” Of all the players, Joe said he thought Junior had a shot at the big time. “He was an all-around tremendous ball player,” said Joe.

So many heroes in that little patch called Fishtown (from our ancestors on Down.) “We all lived right off the river,” said Joe.

The only difference between those of yesteryear and those in the Hall of Fame is that “we played ball; they sold fish,” said Joe.

Playing ball, selling fish. “Do it well,” sad Joe, “That’s all that counts.” Being part of the “Hall of Fame” is no fish story, Jackie. It’s a great honor,” said Joe.

In 1978, Joe was given a league trophy for striking out 71 batters in one season and having an E.R.A. of just 2.12. The 71 strikouts may still stand as a record for one season today?

Joe played with The Fifthteenth Round Bar in the Saturday league, and won the championship a number of times. He also played under coach George Ludwig with Advance Auto and won the Hetzell league championship.

Joe always wore number #23, whether he played softball or football. And when he was in the Army, he was the bantamweight champion of France in boxing.

I have known Joey for more than 40 years. He played football for me for 10 years. Of those years, we won 10 championships. How many coaches can say that? I watched him practice from the first day he started in that basement at E.J. Spanglers to become a pitcher.

It took many months and a ton of hours before he ever pitched a ball in league competition. But when he did, he was an outstanding team player and a great pitcher.

Joe is not just another player who played for me. I know that all I would have to do is ask him to do anything for me. And it’s a done deal. He has always been there for me, and always will be a part of my family.

Thank you Joe for giving us the opportunity to let people know that if you really want something bad enough. You can do anything. You can even make the “Hall Of Fame” one day! and thanks for all of the wonderful.

February 6, 2002
First Interview of the 2002 season.
The league Interviews second baseman of Regan's Bar Softball Team PAT TOBLER

1. How long have you been playing softball?

14 years (since the 1987 season)

2. How long have you been playing for the Regan's team?

I have played modified for Regan's all 14 years. I have also played in arch leagues at Jardel and Max Myers for Regan's. There are several other teams that I have played for but my first commitment is always to Regan's modified team.

3. Did you play sports in school (If you did what were the sports?) and what school did you go to?

I played soccer, basketball and baseball at Cardinal Dougherty HS and then played baseball at DeSales University (formally Allentown College).

4. What did you think of the competition in the Rotan league vs. the Lawncrest league last season?

The competition reminded me of the Lawncrest League in the early to mid 90's. It was very strong at the top but you could not take anyone lightly.

5. How hard was it for you to get to the games in time with work and driving from the Northeast last season? What is your feeling about playing so far away from where you live?

It is not that hard to get to the games. I do not live in Lawncrest anymore and I work off of I-95 so actually it might even be easier for me to get to Fishtown than is was to get to Lanwcrest.

6. Regan's had a very fine season in 2001. What are your feeling and hopes for the coming season. as far as you know will everyone be back?

We did have a fine season but we came up a little short of our goals. From what I understand we should have most if not all of our team back along with a player or two who took last year off for different reasons.

7. The teams pitching was outstanding with eight or nine shutouts last season. I have been with the league for 13 years and have not seen any team do that before.

As far as you know will your pitching be back? As far as I know Jimmy and Joe will be back. We always strive on our pitching and defense. Those guys had an outstanding year. Hopefully, we can be a bit more consistent behind them next year.

8. What do you think it would take to win this leagues championship?

You have to have stability and consistency. Get the right players in the right positions then go out and play solid. If you start to give other teams extra outs or extra bases you will never win!

Thank You Pat for letting us do this interview. We wish you and your team the best of luck in the new 2002 season.

February 23, 2003

Over The Weekend We Interviewed Anthony's II Pitcher Marc Alicea

Below his story

1. When you were a kid you played for Fishtown A.C. what sports did you play?

I played soccer for Jerry Franklin for 4 years. Also I played baseball for 2 years with Pat Cain as coach. I played soccer and baseball for Hetzel until we made the transition to Fishtown A.C.

2. When did you first think about becoming a modified pitcher?

I first thought about being a modified pitcher when I used to come over and watch Chris Smith pitch. He was like a brother to me. He lived with me for two years when he was having problems at home. I pitched my first game in 1994 for picayune.

3. How much have you learn about the game since you started pitching?

I have learned a tremendous amount in the last five years with Anthony's. I credit that to Bob McCormick and Richie Nottis. Bob taught me how to throw a curve. Which I really seen improve in the last two years.

4. Rumors around the batting cage. Is that you are "Thin Skinned" If the other team gets on you. You'll get hot and this will throw your game right out of the window?

Well, I think I have really improved with my temper. With age I see a big change. Just this last year I thought was my best as far as blocking everyone out accept for Billy Wilcox.

5. What is up with Anthony's this year?

. My team is going to be good for a long time. The core group of guys are still in there twenties. Woody, Markley, Greg, Gil, Ryan...........The old guys are Me, Rich, Bob, Wilcox, Ray. Chris is 29 so he is not old yet...hehehehe. With this group of guys anything less than a championship is considered by us a bad season.

6. If Rich Nottis Sr. returns this season, that would give Anthony's three pitchers. Are you going to be happy maybe not pitching as much as last season. When your pitching was a big part of the Championship?

This year I welcome Richie back with open arms. I got a child on the way in April and I will not be making all the games. But as far as having three pitchers and me being on the bench, I would be lying if I said I would be happy sitting because I always want to pitch.

7. How much longer do you plan on playing?

I plan on playing like 5 more years if my arm holds up. After games my back and shoulder truly hurt. I can't pitch back to back nights like I used to, that is for sure.

8. You and your wife soon will have your first baby. Are you excited? and are you ready to get up at night and change a diaper?

I am very excited about my wife having our first child in April. But I hear the tough stories from Chris Lemma. I don't look forward to the early mornings and the diaper changes. hehehehe

9. What are Anthony's #2 chances of repeating as league champions in 2003?

Our chances of repeating are very good. We lost one player and that was Ralphie. He most likely had the best arm on the team, Gil and Ryan both have exceptional arms as well. We picked up a good utility in Keith Stratton.

10. What will be the facters needed if your team is to to repeat?

. The main factors needed for us to repeat is health. If everyone stays healthy we should have a great chance. We are very strong up the middle of the field with Gil, Chris, Woody and Markley. Markley's fielding is overlooked but he covers plenty of ground out there, it makes up for his average arm.

11. What player in the league is the hardest for you to get out?

My toughest out the past year were Cloud, Tobler Regan’s and Joe Ristine Preliminary. Joe caught me for a year and he knows me well, he hits like 700 against me.

12. If Anthony's don't will the Championship this season. What team do you think will?

. I think Regans will win it if we don't. They have good pitching and hitting. There defense needs improvement but there pitching is key. Prelim also has a shot. They have a quality team and we have a terrible history against Berrilla , Prelims pitcher.

13. If you could add one new rule to the league for the coming season. What would it be?

I would have to say a shorter season.

14. You have been a part of two championships in 2000 and again in 2002. There are a lot of players never play in a championship game. What does it mean to you to be a pitcher on the Championship Team?

It is a great feeling pitching in the championship. I pitched in the last 4 championships. Losing 2 and winning 2. So I have the experience. The only thing I was disappointed in last years championship was that I was not on the mound for the last out in the championship. I started the game. I thought I pitched well. I pitched 6 innings. I thought in the 6 inning I didn't have my best stuff and I didn't want to serve up balls to regans, so I took myself out. Bob came in and closed the door and we won 5-4.

Alicea Playoff History
We do not have any records from the Championship playoff for 2000 Alicea was the pitcher that took Anthony’s II to their first ever Championship.

ANTHONY'S #2 VS. REGAN'S TUESDAY AUGUST 7, 2001 8:15PM Anthony's #2 came back just like a good team should. With bats on fire they came to play. John Wood had a big night with his bat a home run and triple and his arm. Marc Alicea had the essential pitches when he needed them and had Regan's poping up on to many at bats. Anthony's 12 Regan's 8.

1. PRELIMINARY VS. ANTHONY'S #2 Tuesday August 14, 2001 ~ 7:30pm In game one it was Preliminary's pitching that carried them all night to a win. But in game two it was what got them in trouble in the very first inning. Preliminary's Starting pitcher Vince Menello walked the first three Anthony's batters then third baseman Neil Spence hit a ball off of the left field fence that cleared the bases. It was in the bottom of the fourth inning with Anthony's leading four to three when Bobby Markley hit a home run to make the score five to three. Anthony's pitcher Marc Alicea did everything right the rest of the game to get Anthony's a 6 to 3 win.

MONDAY August 12, 2002 ~ 8:15pm ~ STARBOARD SIDE VS. ANTHONY'S #2 Anthony's pitcher Marc Alicea must have wondered what was happening in the first inning. See Starboard Side was exploding hits and runs all over the place. It may just have been the teams best inning ever in the playoffs against a team like Anthony's #2 and when it was all over the score was 8 to 0. Alicea went to the bench got his head into the game and when he came out here was a different person. Anthony’s did come back in this game and won 12 to 8. Alicea did not give up another run in the last six innings allowing just two hits.

Regan's Vs. Anthony's #2 ~ Tuesday August 20, 2002 ~ 7:00pm Wood hits another home run making the score Anthony's 4 to 0. Besides the score Anthony's is getting the pitching on this night by Marc Alicea he is breezing along with just a one hitter after four innings. But in the fifth Regan's starts making their move. In the bottom of the sixth inning score 4 to 4 Anthony's Greg Cunningham hits a very big home run putting Anthony's only briefly ahead in the game as Regan's quickly tied the game again in their top of the seventh and holds Anthony's in the bottom of the inning to send the game into the eighth inning. Alicea holds Regan's off the board in the eighth and go into the bottom of the inning, Second baseman Chris Nottis leading off hits a ball that clears the high fence in left field. Giving Anthony's a 6 to 5 win and a 2 to 1 lead in the best of five series. Pitching ~ Anthony's ~ Alicea IP 8 ~ Hits ~ 12 ~ 5 Runs ~ 2 WK ~ KO ~0 ~ 1 & 1 In the Series

Alicea Gets The Win In The Championship Game 2002
The 5th, and final game of the 2002 Championship Vs. Regans In this game Marc asked to be removed from the game after pitching 6 ½ innings his arm just could not go any further. Anthony’s won in the ninth inning 5 to 4.


I just wanted to add that Billy Wilcox is a fair man and is doing an excellent job. Also Jack you are doing a fine job with all the work you do for the league. Thanks for the interview.

Thank You Marc for taking the time to do this interview. Best wishes to you and your wife with the new baby. And good luck to you this season……

Pete Boyer ~ Interview -

April 19, 2004

By Jack Moore

1. How many years have you coached in this league?

I started about eight years ago 1994/95 with Shane’s Pub.

2. Why did you leave the team this season? was there any internal problems with the players that you know of?

No real internal problems. Their all real good guys. I still go out and drink with them. No I just started to get tired. It started to be a drag with guys not showing up, biggest reason was when Tony’s #2 left. You hate them when your on the field. But after the game you go back to the bar and have a beer with them their all good guys.

3. When you came to the second meeting this winter did you know you where not coming back?

The thought was in the back of my head. I still did not know who was coming back and who was not? Before your next meeting I heard Davis, Zack , Chrisie and Steve Brown was for different reasons. It would be later in the season before they could play or were not going to play at all this year. I talked to Brian Gilbert we decided instead of not having players go back to the bar and leave the sponsor down. We would cash it in. After that I started to hear that there were guys that said no no we want to play. So I turned it over to Borrelli.

4. What are some of the best things that happened to you in this league over the years?

That would be The Championship over Anthony’s #II and the way we won it! We came out all year long and played our assess off. Another was the championship verses the Crazy Leprechaun even though we did lose the championship on my birthday. Both teams respected each other. There was no hard feelings, no animosity. We went out and played our asses off and we got beat. They deserved it. We had a real good time back at the Lep’s bar when the owner Frankie Davis closed up and let everybody party.

5. What are some of the worst things that happened to you over the years?

After the year we had lost the Championship to the Lep’s. The other guy that had the franchise wanted it back in his name. At the meeting there was a vote and we lost. This was the night I gained so much respect for Jo Jo (Joey Zysk) I was ready to walk out of the door and say the hell with it when he grabbed me by the arm and asked what happened? I told him we lost the vote and were out. He went in there and said you guys are asses for letting this team go that has just played for the championship. I always liked Joey but after that night I had all of the respect in the world for him.

6. You were the reason for so many new rules and rules being changed in this league over the years. At least you got the blamed for most of this. Mainly the bats.

My personality is to be abrasive and antagonist I like that. A lot of the rule changes I tried I thought would benefit the league? And it seems some of them to foliation. But after teams dropped out. THE BATS - Jack Guilty as Charged I’ll admit it now its all water over the dame guilty as charged. I got five free bats from De Marinis and there was no way I was leaving them go. It had to be A.J. hitting a home run that Jo Jo questioned ha, ha, ha, Guilty as charged.

7. In the last four years as a coach you have one of the best records in this league. from 2000 to 2003 your team won 69 season games that is a average of 17 win a season. while losing just 28 and you have a 9 and 5 record in the playoffs this is as good as any team in the league.

It the guys that we put on the field they weren’t guys we swiped from other teams. Like some other team shave a propensity to do. We went out we found guys here the coach names five or six players ( don’t want to misspell any names) This is why we were there every year.

9. If you were to back into this league would you coach any other team but your old team? Answer I’m still going to make games when I can. I basically turned over the regains to John Borrelli because he wanted it. I hope they do have a great season I really do. They are all of my friends, we have had a great seven or eight years together.



By Jack Moore
August 20, 2004

Q What sports did you play as a kid?
A.I played one year of organized baseball when I was 12 years old. Other than that I would just play things in the neighborhood like hockey, stickball, football, etc.

Q How old were you when you started playing softball?.
I was 20 when I started to play Arc softball. I was 22 when I played my first modified game.

Q How many years have you been playing softball?
I have been playing Arc softball for 8 years and modified for 6 years.

Q Where did you go to school? and did you play baseball?
I went to George Washington High School from 90 – 94 and played football and baseball. I then when to LaSalle University (after a quick pit stop AT CCP) on a baseball scholarship as a pitcher.

Q You seem like a set back quiet kind of guy. Is that the way you have always been? or do you keep everything inside?
A. I am not real quiet I just don’t scream and yell. I like to just play the best I can and let my ability do the talking for me. I try to get my teammates pumped up sometimes, but I rather just watch the game and try to find ways to improve.

Q Not many people have had the chance to see much of you this season because your team played a lot of late games. But the last ten days in the play offs you have been the talk of Fishtown. And you have been compared with some of the best home run hitters that have ever played in this league with the likes of Donald Dougherty, Werner Brand and Tommy Slevenski after just one season. What do you think about all of this?
A. I am flattered by the comparisons to these great players, however lets not get carried away. I did play well in the playoffs, but there is something to be said of consistent play. I am sure that these players you mentioned year in and year out preformed to high levels. If I am to be compared to them I must do the same thing year in and year out. I think it is a bit unfair to put me in that category with just one year under my belt.

Q. This is your first year in our league. You have played in other leagues. How do you compare this league with others?
A. I really like playing in Fishtown. The people are very friendly to me and have made me feel at home. There is something to be said about this neighborhood league. The excitement and bragging rights are a great incentive to play hard with determination and tenacity. I think that the league has many great players, and a lot of new up incoming talent. This league can flourish if there would be some people to teach these young players the fundamentals of the game. There is a great core of ballplayers, and the energy and excitement are definitely in place at hetzels. I know that the modified softball is struggling nowadays, just ask the teams up at Pollack where I have been playing for the last 5 years, but that doesn’t mean it has to die. There are some great experienced players down here that could really teach some of these guys some things. If you get the right combination of player and coach I think the league will become even better.

Q You were just named M.V.P. of the 2004 playoff this is an outstanding award to win not many players have ever won this kind of award. What did this mean to you? and is this your first M.V.P.?
A. I am very grateful to all those who felt I deserved this award. I could not have done it with out my teammates. I can’ t really take any credit for this award. It is my first MVP in any sport I have played. I have received all public distinctions in football and baseball but never an MVP.

Q Over all you must be very happy playing on the Championship team in your first season here in Fishtown?
A. I am thrilled that I could be a part of this championship team. I really enjoyed my time this year. We have a good chemistry on this team.

Q Are we going to have the opportunity of watching you play here for a few years.( If the league continues?)
A. Without question I will be playing down here.

I really hope that people who care about this special league take an active part in making it better. It is easy to criticize the players, teams, and the league for not being as good as years past, but it is a special person who will take it upon himself and be an active part of the rebuilding process. It may not happen overnight, but it can happen without question. I like this league and hope to play for a long time down here.
Thank you Jack

An Interview with Bill Wilcox

By Jack Moore
March 21, 2005

1. Bill did you play any sports in school?
A. Yes I played baseball and football two years at Mastbaum high school

2. You did start getting contacted with the Fishtown Mens Softball League at the age of 15. Tell us a little about what were you doing back then?

A. As a kid I would go over to Hetzells every night back then it was a big thing to go and watch the games. There was not even a fence down the first base line. At that time it was also a big thing to be a “Bat Boy” so that is how I got started in the league. There must have been 20 teams in the league at that time. My first team was the Damm Yankees as a fill in player not a starter. The second year I was setting on Newt’s wall and Tommy Thomson came over to me and asked me if I was playing for anybody? I said no at that point he asked Bobby Dunbar who was coaching a team and that was how I got to know Don Dougherty Bobby Mc Gee Eddie Emberger and Tommy Slevenski. I started on that team when I was about 16 or 17 years old. I had another year of high school left when I started playing with them guys.

3. Dave Rotan died in 1996 Jack Moore took over the league for the remainder of 96 season. Then out of a clear blue sky he asked you if you would consider taking over the league? This was a very big task. And something you had never even thought of doing. This must have been a real shocker when he said take a few days and think about it.. Where would you start and how do you run a softball league? What were you thinking about when he asked you?

A. I remember I was at a meeting right after Dave died and you were telling everyone that you could not handle running the league by yourself and I thought that someone being in the league a lot longer then me was going to step up and come forward. You then said if you could not get any help the league was going to fold. Being in the league since I was 16 years old and did not want it to go under. I stood up and said “I will do it” What was running in my mind at the time. Not to much because I did not know what it consisted of. My first year I was a little timid because I left people,.. lets not say walk all over me. But I left people get away more then I know. Then when I realized that if I was going to run this league right I had to hurt some feelings along the way. I did not want to do that but being the commissioner you can’t make everybody happy if your going to run the league the right way. At the time you asked me I did not know all of the details but I learned each day as I went on.

4. If you did take over the league would you have to give up playing? Something you really wanted to continue doing.. And what would the other teams think of you playing in the league and making the decisions that might involve their teams?

A. OK well this is one thing I can really be proud of myself. Because I have probably suspended more of my own team then I suspended anybody in the league. As far as me showing favoritism I know in my heart I have never done that. I know I have been accused of it people say I have gotten favoritism from the umpires and that is not true. But I know for a fact that I have ran it without cheating without ever going to a umpire and saying anything to him.
I have treated everyone a like. I have never let anyone get away with anything. I have talked to them after each incident. Then do what I know I have to do as a player and a commissioner.
When I first took over the job like I said I did not want to stop playing because that is how much I love playing in the Hetzell league and I know in my heart I could be a good commissioner and be a player at the same time.

5. What was it like... That first year as commissioner taking on all of the work and responsibilities?

A. Well it really did not bother me because I loved playing the game. And I loved doing it for the players. It was not just for me but for a lot of other people that loved softball. For the guys like Donald Dougherty, Bobby Mc Gee, Eddie Emberger, and Tommy Slevenski these players I will never forget.

6. Over the last ten seasons you had to make some very tough decisions when the rules of the league were broken. Many have been suspending players and umpires for many different infractions. This must have been the hardest thing you ever had to do in you life? Telling a player, coach or umpire that he had been suspended.

A. Yes sure it was always very hard to suspend a guy because you think that guy is your friend. And in the heat of a moment in a game people say things that they don’t really mean. You know in your heart at that moment people do things and say things that they should not say. But then you have to do your job they can’t keep doing it and if not handled the right way things will just get worse.
I was suspended myself by Dave Rotan one or two times. You just can’t leave anyone abuse the league or a umpire weather right or wrong he is human and is there to work a game then go home to his family calling him names and all of that stuff is wrong.

7. The loss of your Dad. in 2000. Worrying about your Mom and the family . That had to be really tough on you? But there was still the league and the field and the umpires and everything still had to go on. How did you work all of these things out? In such a dreadful time of your life?

A. Well you know you have to keep going on. The loss of my Dad was a tragedy to me because of the way it happened, you know he was not supposed to go at that time but God took him. My Mom took it very badly I had to make sure that I was always there for her. I had to work every day then I would go over and do the field. Then I would go check on my Mom if I had a game that night I would play then call her again to see if everything was OK?
It has been five years now since my Dad passed and my Mom is doing really good.

8. You have given your all for ten seasons and there are people that think you have made the league better and done a great job as with the leagues commissioner. Now you have said that this the 50th season will be your last season running the league. Do you really mean it? Or is there a chance you may change your mind?

A. 1. That is a good question again. You know what I said it because times have changed a lot. And some things have been said I can’t handle I feel people don’t appreciate what you do today. Maybe. there is a possibility that I could again You don’t know what is going to happen this year. Right now in my heart I am saying that this is it.
I do not regret anything I have done in the last ten years.. I know that have given 110% There were times I did not even get to see my kids ball games because I had to clean the field at Hetzells. There is a lot of things that people don’t know. And there are people that really don’t care or appreciate it.
I do it because if there are 500 people in the league 480 of them do care. Most of them come up to me and say you did a great job on the field tonight. That means a lot to me at least they appreciate it. I am probably the only commissioner ever to run a league and not make a dime . My reason is because I love Hetzells, the players and I love being a part of the league.

2. How hard is it going to be on you just to walk away?

A. Very hard I love softball so much I have been playing since I was with the 26th Pal. I love being around these guys and the partying. It is really going to hurt.

3. What is your life going to be like without softball in it?

A. I really don’t have a answer for that. The first year I will think about it all of the time. But when I was younger if I missed a game it would eat me away. Now if I miss a game it don’t bother me as much as 20 years ago. But I would say it is going to be really tough.

4. Will you still play? Or is this it?

A. No if I leave the Commissioner I will leave the game.

Note: Before Bill took over the league he asked me if I would stay with him? I promised him that I would be with him as long as he needed me . If he would take over the commissioners title. Personally I have worked with Bill the entire ten years of his running the league and I feel that he has been as fair as any man could have been dishing out the suspensions. And his love for this league has been the driving force of excellence in making the league the best there was in the City. There have been a lot of commissioners over 49 years that have worked to make this league the best anywhere. But this one has gone the extra mile in everything he has done over his ten years and made it number one. I don’t think no one has ever done it better...................... Thanks Bill for a truly fabulous job. It had been my pleasure being with you these ten seasons. Jack Moore

No one knows just how thankless of a job this really is. Running a neighborhood softball league and having to put up with all of the shit that any body feels like throwing at you. How many nights you go home and think why do I do this?

"Remembering The Best" ~~~ June 4, 2005
An interview with Donald Dougherty
By Jack Moore

There has been a lot of stories about you hitting a ball over the school roof and the ball was found in the school yard?
It must have been that last lucky bounce and a gust of wind.

Who was the best player you have ever played with?
This is a hard question to answer, since I have played with so many players, but if I have to choose one it would have to be my brother Richie, he did it all.

Do you remember one season that stood out above all of the rest? One you would call your best?
I would say it was back in the mid-eighties, playing for Kelly’s Happy Tap. We were playing Anthonys who at that time had one of the best pitchers in the league, Jimmy Strunk. We had the bases loaded and I had a 3-0 count and Jimmy thru his best pitch down the middle to me, I timed that pitch must right and hit it over the fence for a grandslam, as I was going around the bases Jimmy yelled over to me saying you were not to swing at that pitch, I replied I know and just chuckeled a bit.

You had a lot to do with the Fishtown Mens Softball League being so well known all over the City back in the 1970's/80's Everybody knew who you were.
I don’t feel it was just me, there were a lot of good players back then, I feel I was just a little part of it.

How many times were you asked to play in other leagues for other teams? And did they offer you anything like jobs, or money to do this?
Many times but I just played with two other teams, I played with one team in the Lawncrest league and I played with Richmond at Cohox with whom I may say we went to the World Championships in Baltimore.

What does it mean to you today to know that kids that never seen you play a game know your name?
I feel it’s a privilege and an honor to have others know about me.

Did you ever get tossed from a game by a umpire?
Did I ever, a few times and one at a time it was during the playoffs, and may god rest his soul it was Dave Rotan.

How old were you when you first started playing softball?
Started playing when I was 20 years old

How many years in all did you play?
Close to 30 years

How many teams did you play for?

Counting the Night league, Saturday league, Sunday league, I would have to say around ten

How many Championship teams were you on?
There were 5 teams that had won championships

When did you retire?
Answer 1993

In 1996 You were inducted along with Bobby Mc Gee into the leagues hall of fame. Do you remember your feelings on that night?
Yes I do, it was an honor to have been given this award on the same night along with one of the best pitchers in the league Bobby, but lets not forget that Bobby was not just a pitcher he also played shortstop. I had a few shivers in my body when they announced my name, and at that timed I had a few flashbacks remembering the years I played. I felt like I had been standing in a room with the greats like Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Ty Cobb, Ha Ha.

You played football, basketball, baseball, and softball and were very good at all of them. Was softball you favorite?
My first love was baseball, had played it since I was 12 yrs old until I was 18, after that I had not played baseball or softball until I was 20, That is when I started playing softball full time, so I guess you would have to say yes softball was my favorite.

You had two Son’s Kevin and Donald that played in the league a few seasons. Do you think it was hard on them trying to live up to your reputation?

When my sons first started playing softball I talked to them and told them be yourself and no one else, I told them that if they don’t do any of the things that I did not to worry about them because others will tell you that you cant be your father and that was true, just be yourself and have fun doing it, Set your own goals and be proud of what you do.
What do you think of the game today? What is the big difference from your time?
It is slowly dying all around the city, since I retired I checked out a few of the games and what a disappointment it was, the playground was empty and look like a ghost town. Only a few teams in the league. Back in my time you had to turn away teams because we had to many with over 20 teams in two different divisions. The games were always packed because you never knew who was going to win that night because it didn’t matter if you were the best team or the worse you were always treated to a good game,

Baseball and softball is a dying sport all over the City the kids don’t even have the interest to play anymore .Back in your day the players would get to the field maybe a hour early to get some BP and field a little before the game. Not anymore some players show up just five minutes before game time. What do you think is the reason for this big change?
First of all I would have to say that its dying because in to days world there is to much stuff out on the streets to do, I also think many of them don’t have any interest in playing softball, rather just drink, smoke a lil and do a line here and there. Also have to think most of them have kids of there own to take care of and have to work all the hours they can and just don’t have the time to play, but I really think it’s the change in the world today.
Finally What are your feelings
about playing in this league?
Well Jack, as far as what the leauge meant to me was that i couldnt have played at a better time in my life, I have met so many players thru the years and make a lot of new friends along the way thanks to the leauge, so many rivials have made this leauge the best in the city no matter who you played against.Every night you could go to the games and see more than you barganed for, not crying for at least a half inning {ha ha}. Players respected one another.Five nights a week people came over the watch the games no matter what kind of team was fielded, good or bad made no difference because by the time each game was over the crowds went home knowing that they saw a good game. Rarely did you ever see a blow out. As far as the teams go that were in the leauge they were competitive each and every night, we had around 12 teams in the leauge every year we played, and had two divisions makin sure they were equal.Rivals became apparent after that, of course you had some teams hating others but that made for a good game.As far as the fans went they were great, they always respected the players on and off the field, they seemed to care about the leauge always takin care in keepin their knowledge in who was playin and and the players they went over to watch. At times as a player sittin in the players area you had to stand because a lot of the fans would come over early to watch the games and they wanted to be close to teams they were rooting for. THey would always coment on how well the game was goin and building your moral as the game went on.Friday nights were the best as the fans packed the playground, it seemed like a concert was being held. They were the greatest fans you could play for and i always had respect for them.I was told the there may be no leauge any more and that this might be the last year for the leauge, what a shame if that happens because i think that the area will be dead. Sometimes when i drive by the playground and theres no game being played i stop and gaze and think wow what it was like, I really cant describe what the leauge was like over the past few years i can only reflect on what others have told me. People always sayin that they wish we were all still playing so that they can enjoy themselves each and every night.I hear there are only six teams in the leauge and that they dont play every night like in the old days. I really dont have a true coment on the leauge today. In closing i want to thank you Jack for giving me the chance to play when i was growin up in the area, best times of my life.I would also like to say thanks to all the umpires who had to put up with us every game we played, I know i had my run ins with most of them, Tommy., Mr Shank, Bobby Krause, Yourself and others whom i may forget, aslo thanks to Billy Wilcox for keepin the leauge goin for the past few years, he did a hell of a job,I have the most respect for each and every one of you and i also want to say thanks for letting me tell you on how i feel about this. Thanks so much, Donald Dougherty. THats about it Jack and if you need anything else dont hesitate to ask.

For those that played with him or just watched him say this was a very special ball player and there may not be another like him in our life time. He not only could hit the long ball better then anyone else but did it year in and year out. Every year he would hit more home runs then any player in the league. But he also did everything else a great player did. He would run the bases like a deer and take that extra base challenging the outfielded to try and threw him out. And when he was in the field he had a gun for and arm and most players in the league knew of it and never took that challenge with him. Yes for sure over the leagues many seasons there have been a lot of truly powerful ball players that hit the ball over the high fence and also onto the school roof but none with the regularity of this player. But even most of these players that have seen him play have agreed Donald Dougherty stands alone.


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2001 Banquet

The Last Awards Banquet 2002
Our Award Nights Started September 1993 to September 2001
The Vote to End The Awards Night was 5 to 4
Taken at The Winter Meeting On Janurary 21, 2002

The Bill Glassman Family at the League's Hall of Fame Induction ceremony

New Hall of Fame inductee, Joe Wyatt with family and friends.

Preliminary Bar
The 2001 Rotan League Champions

(left to right) Greg Cunningham of Anthony's II and Coach Pete Boyer
of Preliminary Bar receive the League Championship and Runnerup Awards

John Borrelli of Preliminary Bar, receives his Playoff MVP Award
from Commissioner Bill Wilcox.

The individual team MVPs for the 2001 season.

Bill Glassman Jr presents the first ever Bill Glassman Sr
Good Guy Award to Bill Carter


League Logos










Celebrating Our 50th Anniversary
We Hope??


May 2, 2002
Even thou the environmentel people gave the city a clean bill for Hetzells field a few weeks ago. There are some that have kept the pressure on the City to close the field down. So there was a meeting on April 3, 2002 to make a decision at one point the field was to be shut down on Thursday April 4, 2002. But after some pleaing that closing the field would push almost 400 Fishtown A.C. Children along with the Rotan softball league and also the Penn Treaty School uses the field with no where to play.

So at this point the Department of Recreation said that they would shut the field down on August 1, 2002. This date is still up in the air because of the Freddy Adams Tournament that is always played the second week of August.

Why should the field be shut down? If the field is safe? This will push almost all of the children that play soccer for the Fishtown A.C. off the field out to find another place to play and where could be?

Fishtown is a neighborhood that is in need of another playground so bad. It's always over looked all of the time. The children have no where to go to play, so they hang on the corners and get into trouble. It's time for the City to realize that there is a place called FISHTOWN and it's in the City Of Philadelphia and it's time for some of the money to go into a new place where Children can play.

LATEST UP DATE: We talked to Tom Fox of the Department of Recreation. He said that the plan is to aerate and seed the field next week. With a little rain to help the grass grow. They will be able to hold off until med August. Then the City would shut the field down. And Turn all of the field over then seed or lay grass. The field may be closed down for about six weeks? We will keep you up to date any time we get more.


April 20, 2002
To The Dave Rotan Sr. Softball League:

I’m writing on behalf of the Graterford Branch NAACP who are an organization that connect with various communities through inter-active programs such as basketball games, softball games, volleyball games, R&B and Rap Shows, job seminars and motivational speakers.

We are in the process of looking for outside teams who are interested in coming to the Graterford Prison to play against the Graterford NAACP team. We would provide transportation if needed, official referees and trophies.

The individuals must be 18 years of age or older, must not have felony convictions and must complete a security clean check form. This form should be mailed to the attention of Mr. Bob Kowalcyk, Activities Dept., P.O. Box 246, Graterford, PA 19426. All forms must be completed and submitted 3 weeks prior to the date of a game.

They would prefer for Sunday (around noon) games if possible and they have all Sundays available at the moment.

If you have any teams who may be interested they can contact myself Maria Rios who is the outside liaison for this organization at 215-235-3489 or 267-251-3247 with questions and/or available dates. I can also be contacted in writing at P.O. Box 22359, Philadelphia, PA 19110-2359. I, in turn will contact Graterford NAACP to set up the dates for the game.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and thank you in advance for your participation. Sincerely,

Maria Rios
Graterford Branch NAACP Liaison

It is quite a experience. If you have any questions I can help you with e-mail me or call me. I would be glad to help you. I will tell you this, its a day you will long remember and you'll play a very good team.
Jack Moore

Here two of the top three teams in the league meet. Preliminary comes into the game one game down to Anthony's #2 in the loss column in the first two games the teams have split. With both teams winning their game by just one run. Well this game starts out with Anthony's scoring four runs in the top of the first inning. But it did not take very long for Preliminary to tie the game for they score four runs in the bottom of the first inning. In the third inning Preliminary scored a run to give them the lead 5 to 4. Going into the bottom of the sixth inning the score is tied at seven. Preliminary has the bases loaded a ball is chopped to third baseman Neil Spence he steps on the base then comes home but throws the ball high over catcher Bill Wilcox head. The runner goes back to third base. Now there is two runners at second base the ball is tossed to second so the runner at third comes home. After all is said and done Preliminary has a one run lead but their shortstop is tossed out of the game. This means that there is no one else to come into the game but coach Pete Boyer. With runners at first and third and one out. Anthony's holds a meeting at the pitchers mound it is decided to walk the batter at the plate and load the bases to get to the coach that has bad knees and hope for a double play. Well everything is set the pitch is made the coach hits a dribbler down the third base line no more then ten feet in all. By the time the catcher picks up the ball the runner scores from third and on first base with a hit and r.b.i and a .1000 batting average stands coach Boyer. Preliminary scores another run in the inning. Anthony's scores a run in the seventh. Final Score Preliminary 10 to 8 UP-DATE THIS GAME WAS CALLED A FORFEIT ON SATURDAY 6/8/2002 FINAL SCORE ANTHONY'S #2 7 TO 0


It was Saturday June 8, about 4:30pm when it all started. An E-Mail was sent to Jack Moore from a person named (Name Removed By Request) this is what it said ~"How can Pete bat when his name is not on the roster?" And sure enough Pete's name was not on the 22 man roster like all other team rosters. Every other coaches name is on their 22 man players roster. So a copy of the e-mail was sent to the commissioner Bill Wilcox and Coach Pete Boyer. After the Commissioner had checked the Preliminary Bar roster and found that the Coaches name was not on the roster. He called the coach and informed him that his team was assessed with a forfeit that was covered under Rule #10 FORFEITS Sec. #4 Any team using a ineligible player (any person that's name is not on the teams 22 man roster) Will forfeit any and all games that the team had won with that player in the line up. When the Coach was told of the forfeit he said "If the league gives us this forfeit I will pull my team out of the league" The commissioners statement to that was "Pete you have to do what you have to do" It was just one year ago that the same thing was imposed on the Starboard Side team for using a player not on the roster. So Preliminary's Friday night win over Anthony's #2 will become a loss. And the standings will change and the league will go on. We hope with Preliminary but only time will tell..........

Dave Rotan Sr. Softball League
June 14, 2002 Season
An Umpire takes the brunt of attract for doing wrong. When he did everything right but a little late. Read what happened when umpire Tom Mc Clain called last nights game

It was raining, but it had been raining off and on all night. The field was wet and starting to get slippery BUT because these teams were cooperating so much rushing on and off of the feild to get this game in and not even taking warm-ups between innings. Umpire Tom Mc Clain let his heart do the talking and not his head.
This game could have, And maybe should have been called after the fifth inning ended. "But these kids were so excited, they kept asking me ump your going to try and get this game in? After the end of the fifth inning the base umpire came in and said to me "How much longer are you going to let this go?
As the bottom of the sixth inning started "I told Starboard Side catcher Joey Malak "This is it one way or the other (meaning I would give the teams one more inning) Fishtown scores three runs making the score 5 to 4. If your a umpire you know what is coming if you call the game. But the field is BAD and if one of the players gets hurt it was because the umpire did not call the game.
Tom and I go back almost 50 years as a matter of fact I started umpiring five years before Tom started. Even back in his first years as a umpire. You knew this guy was going to be a good one. And time proved this true Tom Mc Clain is considered in these parts as one of the best umpires anywhere and when it comes to a championship school game in any sport He is the first one called to do that game. His honesty and integrity is always above reproach
So after the man has given his all and has given both teams a great called game. He is called every name in the book? It's a disgrace to degrade him and call him ever mf'er possible. Here is a man that don't need to be doing the Rotan league. But his love for Fishtown and the game keeps bringing him back for one more year.


The "Bench Runner Rule"
Has been a part of the Rotan league for nine seasons and it is still often questioned. Like in a game played June 12th, 2002 with Starboard Side and Preliminary. We will not use any names but one Starboard Side's Coach Bob Mulvenna that used this rule to the ultimate.

Let's say it's the fourth inning Bob takes player #1 out of the game to pinch hit for him. Player#2 batting for player #1 gets a hit. Now the Coach puts player#1 back into the game as the bench runner at first base. Player #3 hits a double and drives in player #1. Now the Coach can use the Re-Entree rule to put Player #1 back into the game. NOTE player #1 must go back into the game in the same spot (batting order) he was at the start of the game.

Rule #7 BENCH RUNNER One time in each game a team can use a BENCH RUNNER for anyone , but cannot use any player that is in the game at that time. But can use any player on the bench even if they were in the game earlier, and was taken out. The team will not lose their right to use the re-entree rule for any player that is used as this runner. (Note: this is a Rotan league rule)

12- RE-ENTEE RULE- Any of the starting players may be substituted for at any time. The starting player may return to the game and replace the player that took his place in the line up. When this happens the substitute player cannot re-enter the game at any time. (But can be used as a bench runner

This is meant to be a fun rule. It can be used just to give any runner on base a rest. But those that know how to use it. Do use it in a very benefical to way to help their team. We hope this will help you understand the bench runner rule a little better so that the next time your at a game and you hear UMP we're going to use the bench runner. You'll know whats going on....


Many of this years All-Star team has never had a chance to play on the leagues All-Star team. Even thou many of them have played in the league for years. But this year they will get a chance to go to New York to play. Then again play in the leagues All-Star game here on Friday Night July 12, 2002. Preliminary told the league that to many of their players had made plans to be away over the 4th. of July weekend and they would not be able to play in the New York game on July 6th. So Anthony's #2 the team that won the league in 2000 will get the chance to play the New York Champs. Most of the Anthony's #2 team will not play in the all-star game in New York so that the other teams players will get more of a chance to play......

Any of these players that can't make the trip will be replaced on this roster.




  1. 1B ~ Bill Gorey ~ Anthony's #1
  2. 1B ~ Frank Graber Sr. United Cab
  3. 2B ~ Chris Lemma ~ Starboard Side
  4. 2B ~ John Swift ~ Mandi's Deli
  5. SS ~ Tom Dixon ~ Starboard Side
  6. SS ~ Gil Newton Jr. ~ Anthony'S #2
  7. 3B ~ Butchy Moore ~ United Cab
  8. 3B ~ Bill Carter ~ Mandi's Deli
  9. Cat ~ Sean Yost ~ Fishtown
  10. Cat ~ Dave Rock ~ Regan's
  11. OF ~ Jason Johnson ~ Anthony's #1
  12. OF ~ Bob Mulvenna ~ Starboard Side
  13. OF ~ Tom Mulllen ~ Starboard Side
  14. OF ~ Bill Todd ~ Mandi's Deli
  15. OF ~ Dave McGhee ~ Mandi'S Deli
  16. OF ~ Bill Spross ~ Anthony's #1
  17. OF ~ Rich Nottis Jr. ~ Fishtown
  18. OF ~ Rick Harr Jr. ~ Fishtown
  19. OF ~ Danny Doyle ~ United Cab
  20. Pit ~ Mike Martin ~ Mandi's Deli
  21. Pit ~ Jim Mc Kenna ~ Regan's
  22. Pit ~ Bob Mc Cormick ~ Anthony's #2
    NOTE: This team won by the score of 8 to 2

    TRIVIA See Below

    These players were named M.V.Ps at the Annual League's Award Nights from 1993 to 2000. All of the stats for each category R.B.Is, Home Runs, The Highest Batting Average were compiled by Bill Gassman Sr.

    1993 - Bob McGee - Fishtown
    1994 - Jason Holloway - Anthony's
    1995 - Joe Zysk - Anthony's
    1996 - Bill Anderson - Day's Pub
    1997 - Brian Gilbert - Picayune
    1998 - Werner Brand - Crazy Leprechaun
    1999 - Werner Brand - Crazy Leprechaun
    2000 - Rich Nottis, Sr. - Crazy Leprechaun

    Compiled from the Star
    Week of Wednesday October 25, 2001 Edition
    Website Copy #2

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Support freedom

God Bless The U.S.A.

Tombstone found in Hetzell field
By Barbie Small

Joe Volpe and Frank Conroy of General As-phalt Paving Company, were on the job at Het-zell's Field, Columbia Avenue and Thompson Street, last Thursday, in the process of installing a sprinkler system for new grass that will spread across the entire playing field. Back in April, there was a lot of talk about low PCB levels in the soil at Hetzell's along with talk about human remains (bones) being found. There were in fact, low PCB levels found in the soil, but the EPA stated that they were so low they posed no threat to anyone in the area. As for the bones, no one ever saw any evidence. But while digging last Thursday, Joe, Frank and the rest of the crew found the tombstone of "Susan Hugg," a six year old girl who died December 21, 1850. The tombstone was readable and quite in tact, buried about two feet un-der the ground by the Earl Street side of the field. After the workers took a look at the tombstone, they returned it to the shallow grave, figuring they had disturbed the girl's resting-place. But after a Star reporter ar-rived, on a tip from an anonymous caller, the group unearthed the stone again and decided to move it to Palmer Cemetery. Now it seems certain that there are human re-mains in the field, and that Hetzell's was in fact a burial ground back in the 1800's. It supposedly stayed that way until the early 1900's, according to local reports.

FEBRUARY 2, 2003

When will the field be ready to play on?

When you want to know the real story about a City Recreation field you go to the man in charge. And that man is Tom Fox. At 3:30pm on Monday Janurday 27, 2003 we talked to Tom by phone and asked him what was going on at Hetzells?

He told us that the field is in fact done outside of laying the new turf. And as soon as the ice cold weather brakes the contractor will get right to doing this job. After it has been laded it will be watered continuously for about three weeks untill it has rooted.

So if we do get a early spring warm up and the turf gets put down. We are told that the field should be ready in time to open both baseball and softball seasons.

At the worst. If the weather does not cooperate. The season would open a little later (a week or two?) BUT the 48th. Dave Rotan Softball League will play again in 2003 on a brand new field named Hetzells.

How many games will each team play in 2003?
A 28 game season was voted by 6 to 1

Will all eight teams return?
YES ~ Will there be any new teams added ~ NO

Will there be one or more teams with new sponsors?
Yes it looks like there maybe as many as three teams with new sponsors and names this season.

One team missed the first meeting of the year who was it?

A surprise team walks in the door and asks to join the league. And No they were not from Fishtown.

They were told by a player with Anthony's #2 that they could get into the league because there was a opening. Sadly this is not true. Only if a team had dropped out would there be a opening..............



Modified softball has lost its greatest team.
Little did anyone know that after just two seasons in the Rotan softball league Joe Reagn's Bar would dissolve?

After 30 years 1972 to 2002 and 14 League Championships, 9 A.S.A. Tournament wins, 2 Gold Medal Tournaments wins and one National Tournament win.
After we had won the National Tournament last season. I knew we could not do any better and said to myself thats enough. (Joe Regan)


APRIL 21, 2003 TO MAY 16, 2003

Shissler Rec. Center ~ Blair & Berks Street.
All Games Monday to Friday start at 8:15 Fridays second game is 9:15pm


21 ~ Anthony's #2 ~ 6 Vs. Preliminary ~ 8
22 ~ Crabbies ~ 9 Vs. Passing Time ~ 8
23 ~ Anthony's #1 ~ 10 Vs. Fishtown ~ 20
24 ~ Crabbies ~0 Vs. Anthony's #2 ~13
25 ~ Preliminary ~ 16 Vs. Anthony's #1 ~ 6
25 ~ Fishtown ~ 8 Vs. Passing Time --9:15pm ~ 9

28 ~ Passing Time~ 5 Vs. Anthony's #2~ 15
29 ~ Preliminary Vs. Fishtown
30 ~ Anthony's #1 Vs Crabbies


1 ~ Anthony's #2 Vs. Anthony's #1
2 ~ Passing Time Vs. Preliminary
2 ~ Fishtown Vs. Crabbies --9:15

5 ~ Preliminary Vs. Crabbies
6 ~ Anthony's #2 Vs. Fishtown
7 ~ Passing Time Vs. Anthony's #1
8 ~ Preliminary Vs. Anthony's #2
9 ~ Passing Time Vs. Crabbies
9 ~ Fishtown Vs. Anthony's #1 --9:15pm

12 ~ Anthony's #1 Vs. Preliminary
13 ~ Passing Time #1 Vs. Fishtown
14 ~ Anthony's #2 Vs. Passing Time
15 ~ Crabbies Vs. Anthony's #1
16 ~ Anthony's #2 Vs. Crabbies
16 ~ Fishtown Vs. Preliminary --9:15pm



May 2003 Over its first 47 years the Fishtown/Rotan softball league has sirvived a number of tragedys. In 1996 the commissioner Dave Rotan died suddenly. And the same year Hetzells was shut down. In 1988 the league was on the brink of closing down with just 4 teams left. A meeting was called and on that night all of the league rules were changed and the league was rebuilt into one of the best in Philadelphia.

Last season Hetzells was again shut down and the league pushed to look for another place to play. Along with this lost two teams. One of them Regan's Bar one of the best of all time in modified softball and one of the top teams in the league bringing the league to six teams..

And There seems to be a real difference you can feel it in the competitiveness in the teams. The spirit and desire its just not there even with the top teams. Not like it has always been. And there is a real fear that one of the teams may drop out before the end of the season. This could be the last nail in the casket.

The league desperately looks to find away to somehow get this season in with all six teams. Right now there have been two other teams that have asked about getting in the league in 2004.

Every time things have looked dark in the past. The league has found teams and players from other parts of the City interested in the league and the league would sirvive. But now there are very little modified teams out there and the odds are starting to get very slim against the leagues chances of coming up with other teams or even players.

The league moves back home to Hetzells for what looks like the last time on May 27, 2003
We will see only time will tell if the 48th season will be the last? and will become just memories of the first 47 wonderful years to always remember.


July 18, 2003

The third inning had just ended and Anthony pitcher Rich Nottis Sr. had just pitched three innings of two hit softball. And things looked dark fot the Mc Ardle stars. the score was Rotan Stars 5 to 1.

Then the roof caved in on the Fishtown team. For in the next six innings the Mc Ardle teams pitching and hitting would score 22 runs while holding the Rotan team to just 13 runs. They played like they had something to prove. That they could play any league with the players that play in the Frank Mc Ardle league. They also played like they wanted it more. ~ Final Score 23 to 18

Pitcher Nottis was asked by Rotan star manager Bobby Markley if he could return in the ninth inning with one out and the bases loaded. He said he could and retired the two batters he faced. His record for the night 3 2/3 innings two hits and just one run all night. Other then his pitching the hitters had an allstar night. We don't have any idea how many hits were made by both teams? or how many errors were recorded on this night? The crowd was easy the largest of the season.

Not so sure of the inning but it was late in the game. The Mc Ardle stars have the bases loaded. There are two outs. The batter hits a hard shot that looks like it is into left field when Rotan shortstop Pat Hart Jr. Makes a head first dive to his right and some how makes a miraculous stop and on the flat of his back he turns and throws the ball to third base in time to get the force. It was a play that you had to see to appreciate..........

There is always next year. The Dave Rotan League Congratulates the players of the Frank Mc Ardle Softball League on their win.


There are different levels of championships. It seems that the more advanced the championship, the more single-minded effort is taking place. To truly excel in one area, one must be extremely tough emotionally and mentally. He must not be distracted. He must push beyond the limit continuously. He must never be satisfied that he has “arrived”. If he relaxes and feels satisfied, he loses his edge. In sports, it is referred to as “being hungry.” These champions Anthony's II clearly see themselves in the championship role--they play to be there; they expect to be there; they are willing to pay the price.
This League Congratulates Anthony's II


By Jack Moore
YES it is true, Anthony's II is leaving the Rotan league to play in a Arc Ball league in South Philly.

I asked coach Bob Markley if the rumors that I have been hearing was true that the team was leaving?
He confirmed that the team had voted to play arc ball in South Philly "We play in all of the arc ball tounaments and the team likes this kind of ball"

I ask Bob what was the reason they would leave? "They want to play for money The league in South Phila. has $3,000 for the winner. The other league in Port Richmond will have $2,100 to pay out "We will be playing four to five nights a week. We have won the Rotan league three out of four years and the players just want to play for the money" This league has only kind words and best wishes to a really great modified team.

Will this mean more competition in 2004? the league has its wrap up meeting on September 22, 2003 teams that have asked to get into the league over the last few years have been invited. And 2004 will be a year of firsts. How about the league starting with no champion. Everyone will know from the start a new champion will be crowned. So its open "The Champioship" is up for grabs. And could the string of no new team ever winning the leagues championship in their first season in 48 years come to a end??

John Gallagher Always took care of building a new page for the leagues newest Indictees he also put on all of the leagues photos. But John has not been with us now in almost a year? and this means we have to do the best that we can until we get someone else that knows what they are doing, to jump in and help us out..........
Thank You for your understanding in this matter. We hope to be back 100% A.S.A.P.
If you have experience working on a web site like Tripod and Angelfire and know how to put photos on these types of sites and would be willing to teach me. I would be very grateful to you Please e-mail me Jack Moore.

BLUE ~TEAM -- Coach Jimmy Diamond


4 - Don Dougherty - 1996 - J.& T. ROOFING ~ HALL OF FAME
6 - Tom Dunbar - 1993 - J.& T. ROOFING
11 - Ed Emberger - 1995 - J.& T. ROOFING
16 - Jim Quinn - 1987 -B & B
0 - Charles Tobin - 1989 - KELLY'S HAPPY TAP
5 - Werner Brand - 2003 - - ANTHONY'S CAFE #2
9 - Timmy Bryan - 1995 - PICAYUNE
8 - Gene Bryan - 2000 - STARBOARD SIDE
- Jim Sanger - X

- Outfielder's

1 - Rich Dougherty - 1998 - DOC'S ~ HALL OF FAME
3 - Jr. Barez - 1987 - BRADLEYS ~ HALL OF FAME
7 - Jimmy Slevenski - 1996 - J.& T. ROOFING
13 - Richy Kiker - 1996 - GREEN TREE
12 - Pete Hiltwhine - 1987 - B & B
15 - Pat Cain Sr. - 1999 - PICAYUNE
- Carl Erb - X
- Mike Shank - X
- Tony Diocson - X
- Mike Butnick - X
- Mike Souvany - X
- John Lang - X - DAY'S PUB
- Harry Slevenski - X - ANTHONY'S CAFE


17 - George Madden - 1978 - PALMER CLUB
2 - Bob Mc Gee - 1993 - J.& T. ROOFING ~ HALL OF FAME
8 - Joey Zysk - 2003 - ANTHONY'S CAFE
- Tom Smith - X

10 - Ed Hepworth - 1996 - FISHTOWN
14 - Scott Plavner - 1991 - 89ER'S
- Danny Sanborn - X - ANTHONY'S CAFE
- Joe Spross - X



Total number of players paid in full to date - March 22, 2004 ~~~ 49
Returning to the party after the game ~~ 61

VERY IMPORTUNE PLEASE NOTE.....No one can go to the after the game party at Shannon's.
Other then those paid in full on or before April 30, 2004

The Proagam Committee
Jack Moore
Dave Lane
Bill Wilcox
Jimmy Quinn
Don Dougherty
David Rotan Jr.


Posted 4-5-2004
Well this maybe a first? The only way any league could start a new season without a championship team. Is one the league is just opening for the first time ever. Or two for whatever reason your championship team just up and leaves the league.
br> Anyway this is a first in the Rotan league. This is what happened the 2003 champs Anthony’s #2 left. Now at the time things look very bleak for the league. But after setting back this winter and going over everything the realism of losing the league champs could be a blessing in a lot of ways.

With the coming of the 2004 season the league has more teams seven one more then last year. By the league losing its top team as funny as it may seem the league has gained two teams out of all of this. And in turn may have made its self a much better more balanced all around league?

There are no more power house teams in the league like Anthony’s #2 or Regan's Bar. And moreimportant this year, The championship is wide open to any team. Like Commissioner Bill Wilcox once said after Regan's had left in 2002 “This league has survived all these years. We can’t worry about one team leaving” Its is a little early to really analyze what the 2004 version of modified softball will bring to the Rotan league. So we will just have to wait about a month or two to see what kind of real competition these teams can bring to the table.

Click the pitcher to return to the front page.

It's that time of the year, folks.
This is the 50th Anniversary of the League and
we want your input for this year's inductees.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary, FOUR new members will be inducted.

So vote!


Bill Shank Sr.
Gave eight years of his life as co-commissioner and umpire 84 to 92
John (Reb) Bland
Played, Coached, Umpired over 30 years Pitched on a number of Championship teams
Joe (Ski) Szalwinski
considered one of the best players in his day. Joe played 9 seasons a slashing hitter with speed to burn.
Joey Zysk
One of the best pitchers ever to pitch in the league. He pitched his Anthony's teams to six championships
Mike Prem
Outstanding Out fielder this guy could do it all hit with power, a great arm and run with the best. Mike played with Anthony's Cafe those Championship years.
Rich Nottis Sr.
More then likely will go down as the pitcher that won more games then any other pitcher in the leagues history. This guy was very hard to hit!
Werner Brand
Without a doubt one of the best ever power hitters to play in the league. 14 for 17 with 13 R.B.I's. and a batting average of .823 to become the M.V.P. of the 2003 playoff. Also won Season M.V.P. in 1998 & 1999
Danny Shissler Jr.
Many people that have watched over the years call Danny the “Best” third basemen ever. Year in and year out you had to see the plays he made to believe them.
Bill Gassman Jr.
A very good hitting third basemen with a great glove. Coached Crazy Lep’s team to 21 wins in a row in 2000.
Charles Tobin Sr.
He played on many a Championship team back in the 70’s and early 80’s This shortstop was the best at his position back then. And when you needed a hit he got it.

This poll opened on April 14, 2005 closes at midnight, 26 June 05.

If you can't see the polling booth..Turn off your firewall or pop-up stoper temporally then refresh. Click on booth again. When you can see voting booth. Put your firewall back on.


Total number of players paid in full to date - March 31, 2004 ~~~ 52 Returning to the party after the game ~~ 64
VERY IMPORTUNE PLEASE NOTE.....No one can go to the after the game party at Shannon's.
Other then those paid in full on or before April 30, 2004

The Proagam Committee
Jack Moore
Dave Lane
Bill Wilcox
Jimmy Quinn
Don Dougherty
David Rotan Jr.

Do you remember when players, playing in the first game at 7:00pm would rush right from work to get to Hetzells by 6 or 6:15 so that they could get some BP? (batting practice) as players got to the field they would jump right into the cage and get some swings. That was then this is now. Its 8:08 on Monday night just the fourth week of the 2004 season. The second place team just a half of game out of first place has just eight players on the field. Other players and coaches are all using their cell phones to call their players "Are you playing tonight? "Are you on your way? and other players they can't even get on the phone??

We talked to people standing around the backstop and they are saying "You can see there is no interest in this sport anymore" This did not just start its been going on now for about the last five years. Some nights it will be 6:50pm and there is just one or two players on each side maybe by 6:57 the ninth or tenth player will be seen w a l k i n g across the field. Then he expects to loosen up at 7:00pm. Now you hear from those at the backstop "This is a dying sport the plyers no longer care" Well that's not true for all players there are some still get up in the morning and think softball because they have a game that night and it is something to look forward to all day. These are the players you really feel sorry for. Becaues when it is gone its gone forever.

And what chance does any league have if the players/teams don't even have their heart in playing? Some has questioned over the last few years of the possibilty of turning the league into a Arc Ball League? Well maybe someday this will have to be considered if there is to be any softball at all here in Fishtown

But as long as modified lives so will the Rotan league. It is all up to the players now. Do they want to play any longer or not? Time is running out............


Don't forget...the home team for the third meeting of the season is determined by a toss of the coin.


 Date  Opponent  Time
 18  @Les & Doreen's  815PM
 20  @Fasone's  815PM
 27  Philly Sox  700PM
 1  Preliminary  700PM
 3  Regan's  815PM
 9  Starboard Side  815PM
 10  @Anthony's #2  815PM
 18  @Crabby's  700PM
 23  @Anthony's  700PM
 29  Les & Doreen's 815PM 
 31  @Fasone's 815PM
 June ~~ SCORES    
 7  @Philly Sox~11 Fishtown ~1  700PM
 8  @Preliminary ~18 Fishtown ~8  815PM
 15  Regan's ~16 Fishtown ~0  700PM
 19  Starboard Side ~18 Fishtown ~13  815PM
 21  Anthony's #2 ~24 Fishtown ~1  815PM
 29  Crabby's ~11 Fishtown ~2  700PM
 6  Anthony's ~10 Fishtown ~5  700PM
 11  Preliminary ~13 Fishtown ~3  815PM
 16  Starboard Side ~0 Fishtown ~7 FF/WIN  815PM
 18  Fasone's ~15 Fishtown ~0  700PM
 23  Philly Sox ~16 Fishtown ~0  700PM


Over the past few weeks there have been times that teams have had just nine players show up for the game for one reason or another.

And if you have been watching from behind the backstop you have seen. The team with just the eight players. It seems this team will have a player that will start to jump all over an umpire for a miner call that he disagrees with. And he will start mounthing off about this play over and over again?

How smart is this? If the umpire ejects this or any player on this team. And the team has no other player to replace him with. That is it. The team will be hit with a forfeit and it will cost them the game and their sponsors $100.00 forfeit fee.

You ask well why then don't the coach start taking control of these players and shut them up? Well maybe it is because He don't have the experience in running a team and he is just being taken advantage of? Is this fair when we have some new coaches that have never coached a team and are is running a team this season for the first time just to keep the team playing. And really how much can anyone do when you have only nine players showing up? It is sad for the coach to do anything. And it is very selfish of any one player to put his team in jeopardy of forfeiting their sponsors forfiet fee and to take away a game from the rest of the team. It is time for these teams to get together have a team meeting and lay it on the line what players on the team really want to play? And for those that do come to the field just come to play the game and get off of the umpires. This alone will improve the team 75%.

If something is not done very soon. It is olny a matter of time untill an umpire has his back pushed to the wall and has no other alternative then to eject a player. Then the umpire will be the bad guy and he will be blamed for the team losing their $100.00 forfeit fee. There are some players that have already served a one game suspension the next is a three game suspension. And with summer vacations coming up, and with some players having so littel feelings or interst in the game anymore? How much longer will the season last?

What team will be the first to forfeit a game in 2004? And could forfeits be the final demise of the Dave Rotan Softball League only time will tell? The odds say yes................


1956 ~ 2004

JUNE 25, 2004

For the first time in the leagues 49 year history a re-union of the best players that have ever played in the Fishtown/Rotan league was held. Players returned to Hetzells from as far back as 1978. The game the party and the night was a astonishing success. To read the entire story of this incredible get together click


Triple Play Highlights 8:15 Game……………………

No one can remember the last time a player hit into a triple play. But it did happen in the second game of Wednesday June 29, 2005. When with the bases loaded Nagel Roofing player Billy Todd hit a line drive on one hop to Freddy’s third baseman Neil Spence then stepped on third throw to second then on to first base to complete the triple play.


It was only 2 years ago that the last triple play was recorded. Anthony's I versus Fishtown. Man on first and second. Rich Nottis Jr hits a line drive to the first base man. First base man touches first and then throws to the shortstop at second. Probably the last chance for an unassisted triple play as the first base man should have run to second to touch the bag. I know this because I was the first base man and it was one of the highlights of our season.. By Jason Yost played for Chasers Bar Champions of the league in 2004


These were the words of head umpire Ed Dever Jr. As he made a emergency phone call to Jack Moore right after the game on Tuesday night May 31, 2005 "I have lost four umpires in the last two years and tonight I just lost another. I'm running out of umpires" Umpires don't want to umpire this league anymore"

The umpire Dever was talking about was Chris Lozzi he quit after last nights game. "I umpire the Penn Del League and college ball make more money a game and never hear a word. I don't need this anymore"

Commissioner Bill Wilcox called the league a disgrace. "Every time a team loses a game by 10 or more runs they blame the umpires" He said "I don't know what to do anymore? I talked to every team to just start playing some softball and lay off of the umpires and it is still going on?

These teams don't realize that when there are no more umpires there is no league the league will end.

Let it be known this is no bull shit this time it is for real. If there is still time and no one knows? The only hope to keep playing this season is the coachs and the leaders on each team has got to have a meeting with their team and ask them to get off of the umpires backs and just play ball. Or this league is going to come to a early end long before the end of the season on July 18, And this is for sure. If this kind of conduct continues this league will end without warning. A sad ending to to a league filled with tons of fabulous memories.

JUNE 8, 2005


Commissioner Wilcox calls for a emergency meeting on Monday June 13 2005 at Anthony's Cafe. After he said the he would suspend pitcher Mike Martin the remainder of the season and playoffs and give coach Greg Cunningham a eight game suspension. But it all looks like it is to late to finsh the leagues 50th season?

Head umpire Ed Dever Jr. told us I was up late last night(6/7/05) talking to each umpire. And they all told me "that was it that they would not do anymore games in the Rotan league" So without them reconsidering it looks like the league would end on a very distasteful note.

It was late in the game June 7, 2005 when umpire Bill Sytsma called a ball on the batter. The pitcher Mike Martin exploded off of the mound and charged the umpire throwing his glove at him. Then with both hands pushed the umpire at the chest. At this point the left fielder Coach Greg Cunningham rushed into the infield the umpire then asked him to return to the outfield he cursed the umpire and also throwed his glove at him. Both players were ejected from the game. And the umpire left the field.

This one will leave a bitter pill in the commissioners mouth becouse the players were both from Freddy's Friends. And he knows this will have very serious consequenes on this league.

This story was givin to us by the umpires report and a eye witness.


It was 1976 and at 16 Billy was all set to play his frist game in the Fishtown Mens Softball League. Little did he know at that time that one day he would be the Commissioner of the league its self...........

One of the hardest things he has ever done in his life became reality on Monday June 13, 2005. To leave a job that he always dreamed of a job that he loved and a league that was so deep in his heart. It will always be something he will never forget. But it was time to say good by. With everything going on at this meeting I am not really sure if it had sunk in but Billy was gone he was no longer the Commissioner of the Rotan league. As time goes by they will all know just how much this Commissioner meant to this league.

Thank you Billy for giving so much of your heart to a league you loved so much............ A Letter from Commissioner Bill Wilcox
To all players and coaches in the Dave Rotan Softball League

I resign and would like to say to all of my friends, I enjoyed playing the game, being a coach to my teammates and running the league

Bill Wilcox
League Commissioner


I grew up around this league. To me, there was nothing better than watching a doubleheader after standing in line for Kate's ice cream with the dollar earned being a batboy or begged from my dad, who was doing games behind the plate.

Before the games, my friends and I would get our gloves and shag flies in left field. We would back up when guys like Tommy Slevinski, Mike Prem, Don Dougherty, Jim Slevinski came up to bat. We marveled at Bobby Hepworth's defense in left, Ed Emberger at second, Tommy Dixon at Short, Billy Webb's fundamentals, VJ, Rebel Chris Smith and other great pitchers on the mound. The Phillies weren't that great after '83, so the guys in the league were our heroes.

Obviously, my roots run deep in this league. I am proud of my dad's work with the league as a commissioner/umpire and as a Hall of Fame player. I would like to see it continue for this reason among others. Perhaps the biggest reason involves something my wife, Megan, told me yesterday, "That league is Fishtown. You guys are a bunch of babies if you let it go. You're destroying a neighborhood tradition" Megan grew up in Mayfair and comes to games now and then. She sees so much pride in our neighborhood at Hetzell's, even if the league is in a decline.

The neighborhood is changing, essential Fishtown elements like the softball league must remain. I'd be happy to do my part to continue this tradition. I will umpire as many games as possible if the league needs umpires. I am not ASA certified, but I'll take the test as soon as possible.

AJ Thomson

June 16, 2005

With a week and a half of the 2005 schedule wasted Bob Mc Cormick had his work cut out for himself. All he had to do was find umpires that would say they would give the league one more chance and come back to do the games. And then make up a new schedule that would have all of those games that were not played from June 8th to June 17th and add the rain outs and don't forget the warriors games had to be replaced and filled in with teams still in the league. Well he did it..............Some how?

But let it be known that if there is any kind of incident like that on June 7, 2005 there will be no more umpires that will do anymore games at Hetzells.

We are sure that over its first 49 years there have been a ton of players ejected from games. But never in the leagues history has an umpire been attacked not by one player but by two.

There really can be no call that could cause any player to get so angry that he would curse throw their glove and push an umpire. By the way the call was a BALL

Well only time will tell if the players are ready to try and. clean up this thing and bring some good softball back to Fishtown but before we get started let it be known all of the calls are not going to be right there are no umpires in the world that makes every call right. Some calls are right because you like them and some calls are right. Because the other team likes them. But one umpire has got to call them all and both teams will always disagree with him one way or another. That is why there are umpires so teams don’t fight each other every game.

We have a chance to give this league its respect back by going back and playing the sport the way it was meant to be… Having Fun

Well we are back on Monday June 20, 2005 to six teams and there is a new schedule that will covers the remainder of this season and it is on the web-site now. The playoffs will have the six teams playing one another. And there will be four new members added to the 2005 "Hall Of Fame" and we will have all of this just before the first game of the playoffs final series.


After waiting for 13 years John Reb Bland and Charles Tobin Sr. are heading to the Rotan hall of fame along with two others Danny Shissler Jr. and Mike Prem that have not waited as long.

This is the first year in the leagues history that four players will be inducted in one year. There are two reasons why this is happening first this is the 50th. Anniversary of the league and the other is the league is not sure that there will be a 51st season?

It is also the first time that the fans, players and others got the chance to vote. And vote they did. When a voting booth was put onto the web-site back in April no one had any idea that more they 4,300 people were going to vote. Jack Moore and John Gallagher that do all of the work on the site were really surprised by the interest that took place.

There is no doubt that opening up the voting to the fans this year was the way to go. And for sure there are others out there that very much deserve to be a part of the Hall and maybe some-day this will happen. But ten really outstanding player’s names were put up for consideration and four of them, tremendous player’s have won and by a good margin. So it was clear that these were the players the voters wanted.

When the hall was started back in 1992 and Jimo Fox was the first inducted. The new hall of fame was taken lightly. But after 13 years it is now very much respected. And a great honor to be a part of the hall along with this leagues history.

There should be a big crowd of inductee family members along with hall of fame members and fans at the ceremony this August when these guys go into the hall. A lot of the fans today are too young to remember John Bland and Charles Tobin Sr. when they played but have seen Danny Shissler Jr. and Mike Prem. To tell you just how good these four players were is just impossible. Shissler stands along as a third baseman and there were some fantastic people that played the hot corner, Mike Prem was a all around outfielder that played the game the way it should be played he could do it all hit, run and throw, Charles Tobin Sr. was a fabulous shortstop that could hit with the best of them and field like no other in his day. Sometimes you did not know he was even on the field. But when a play that had to be made he was there and he made them all, And Rebel at one time he was the best pitcher in the league he pitched 4 or 5 no hitters and won many games that took his teams to championships as a player. Then he went onto coach and won a number of Saturday and night championships. Yes these four will complement the other 17 members that came before them and bring the Hall to 21 that made this league so special.

Please be our guest on this August evening when we remember them... Keep an eye on this web-site and we will keep you up-dated about the night’s details Our most sincere thanks to all of you that took the time to cast your vote that meant so much to these players. It may start a new trend and maybe someday the major leagues will let the fans vote in players to the Hall Of Fame………………………?


As we enter the last two and a half weeks of the season. One can’t help but think that this will in fact be the last season for modified softball at least in Fishtown. There were people that felt that the 2004 season would be the last. But some-how the 2005 season got under way? After the warrior’s team asked to join the league things looked up, we had seven teams again.

But right from the beginning you could see and feel that the players did not have their heart into the game. Not like other players did over the years, now let me say this I don’t mean all of the players felt this way. There are players in this league today that would play this game until they could not run any longer. To them the love for this sport will last forever.

But deep down as we enter July 5, 2005 even these players can see. That the old way the game was played is no longer possible because it is clear Arc ball comes first. Over the years any player that played modified softball would never consider missing a game to play arc ball never. Hell players would set down with their family before the season and go over the schedule then pick a date for their vacation. But things over the last few seasons are different. Arc ball is an easier game to play and the prize money is better. It seems that for some reason the money is all that teams want to play for now? Years ago a team would give their heart and soul to win just to wear that championship jacket all winter. And to take a trophy back to their sponsor’s bar so that every one could see it. The pride of winning the night league meant more then any amount money ever could.

This is where modified softball started to go down hill? The kids today do not want to put the time into learning how to pitch modified. Maybe we should have put an idea into action years ago like they did in Boston. Get a school gym in the winter and have open practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays to everyone that would like to learn how to pitch this sport. The youngest pitcher in this league Ryan Nottis learned from his Dad Rich he would work all winter long with him and he became a very good pitcher. If we had kids that wanted to learn the art of pitching modified softball even a few years ago this league would now be very healthy.

No modified pitchers and the game of Arc ball playing just for fun and big money. The end of the 2005 season is with-out a doubt the reason that this sport will die. But Bobby Mc Cormick and others are hell bent on having a 2006 season. Word has it that as long as there are even five teams interested in playing modified softball they can at Hetzells in 2006.

So over this winter if you are reading this and would like to play modified softball in 2006 you can. Every team is looking for players that can play any position. It only takes an e-mail with your name, phone number and position. We will see to it that your contacted and put on a roster for the 2006 season. If you would like to start a team or already have a team that would like to be a part of our 2006 season use our e-mail.




July 23,2005
Fishtown pitcher John Johnson continues his unbelievable pitching. Winning his last three outings while giving up just three runs. Meanwhile his team has out scored their opponents 24 runs to 3. Johnson's latest win was one of the outstanding games of the 2005 season and it came on Tuesday July 19, 2005 versus Chug A Mug he shut them down 2 to 1 while walking only one batter in the game. It is really very hard to remember any pitcher over the last seven or eight seasons pitching any better then this guy. In the last 21 innings his ERA is 1.00

Fishtown is a team over the last ten years that struggled to win maybe five or six games a season. This season they have won ten and go out there every night feeling like they are the team to beat. This was Fishtown's last game of the season but there is still the playoffs and anything can happen in the playoff especialey if you have the hottest pitcher in the league.


  MURPH'S BAR   18   2   .900
  T. NAGLE ROOFING   13   7   .650
  FREDDY'S FRIENDS   10   8   .555
  CHUG A MUG   10   9   .526
  ANTHONY'S CAFE   9   10   .473
  FISHTOWN TAVERN   7   13   .350