"THE PLAYOFFS 2002 ~ 2005"

Everything right here from the first game to the last inning of the final championship game. The 2002 playoffs just maybe one of the best playoffs ever played in the Rotan league's 47 years! If you can't be here at the games we will bring you everything that is going on at Hetzells in Fishtown Philadelphia.

  1. Tuesday August 6, 2002 ~ 8:15pm ~ MANDI'S DELI VS. STARBOARD SIDE

    You could tell what time of the year it was by just watching Starboard Side play. You see it's the playoffs that brings the best out of this team every year. The players even if you have not seen them in a number of games. When it's playoff time you will see every player at these games. Like Keith Roberts said "I have one eye I can see out of and I'm here" (He had gotten something in his eye at work?) And Oh yes Danny Gannon seems to pitch his best games in the playoffs. Like in this game he gave up just one run in the sixth inning. Mandi's Mike Martin pitched the game with seven stitches in his pitching hand. Here is a pitcher that is hurt but gives you everything he has and goes out and pitches for the team. Mandi's just did not have enough in this game to give a very good playoff team a game tonight. final Score 21 to 1

  2. Wednesday August 7, 2002~ 7:00pm ~ STARBOARD SIDE VS. MANDI'S DELI

    It has been so long no one can remember the last time a team has lost two games by such a lopsided scores of 24 to 7 and 21 to 1 But with very little pitching after last nights game you really can't blame the Mandi's team. On the other side of it Starboard Side was just to much in this series they scored 41 runs while giving up just eight runs.
    So like every other playoff in past years Starboard Side will set back and wait to see if they will play Anthony's #2 or Regan's Bar not going to be a easy task. BUT this is their time of the year THE PLAYOFFS and anything can happen Right?
    Starboard Side Wins Series 2 to 0

  1. Wednesday August 7, 2002 ~ 8:15pm ~ ANTHONY'S #1 VS PRELIMINARY
    Preliminary's Eddie Zakalewicz had a night that every ball player dreams of. He hit two home runs had a double and drove in nine runs. As the leagues 2001 champions showed the rest of the league that they are the champions of this league until someone beats them .Final Score Preliminary 27 to 8

  2. Thursday August 8, 2002 ~ 7:30pm ~ PRELIMINARY VS. ANTHONY'S #1

    A year ago this young Anthony's team was playing baseball for Fishtown A.C. at Shissler Rec. So to go from baseball to softball and make the playoffs in this league in their first season is a great achievement to start with. Now they must play the 2001 champions and That a very hard task. The Preliminary team just want out and did what they do best. Let their bats do the talking..Joey Ristine went 4 for 4 with a home run and six RBI's.. Mike Fasone hit two home runs..And Eddie Zak and Al Davis also hit home runs.
    The Final Score 20 to 12 Preliminary will meet Regan's Bar on Monday night 8/12 at 7:00pm.
    Preliminary wins series 2 to 0

  1. MONDAY August 12, 2002 ~ 8:15pm ~ STARBOARD SIDE VS. ANTHONY'S #2
    Anthony's pitcher Marc Alicea must have wondered what was happening in the first inning. See Starboard Side was exploding hits and runs all over the place. It may just have been the teams best inning ever in the playoffs against a team like Anthony's #2 and when it was all over the score was 8 to 0. Alicea went to the bench got his head into the game. Then he came out and held Starboard Side to just three runs the remainder of the game. Oh yes Anthony's came to play in this game. Chris Nottis had a big game he was 4 for 5 and Alicea had to bat for himself for the first time this season and had two big hits and a few RBI's. But the bad news for the team is that catcher Bill Wilcox fractured his foot on Saturday and will be out for the season, to make things worse shortstop Gil Newton Jr. has told us that he pooped his shoulder diving back into first base the last time they played Regan's and don't feel that he can play anymore this season. Final Score Anthony's 19 to 11

    Its Now top of the ninth inning with two on and Anthony's pitcher Bobby Mc Cormick coming to bat..............HOLD EVERYTHING let's go back to the start of the game at 7:08pm now there has been no scoring until the bottom of the second when Starboard Side put the first run on the board it's 1 to 0. But in the top of the 3rd. inning Anthony's scores two runs making it 2 to 1. In the fourth Starboard Side ties the game at two. In the fifth, sixth and seventh innings no one scores.
    In this heat we'er going into the eighth inning Anthony's at bat Gerg Cunningham leads off with a hit and the next batter Neil Spence drives a ball into left center moving Cunningham all the way to third base. But there is an appeal at second base and Cunningham is called out for missing the base. The next batter walks and pitcher Mc Cormick is due to bat but will he? See the team pinch hit for him the last at bat. But this time he will come to bat. And he hits a long fly ball that hits the fence for a double driving in two runs. It gives Anthony's a 4 to 2 lead. OK we are now in the bottom of the eighth Starboard Side's first hitter leads off with a single second baseman Chris Lemma comes to bat and on the second pitch hits a ball deep into the darkness of the night for a quick two runs tying the game at 4 to 4
    The ninth inning would tell the story of this game. Anthony's first two hitters get on base and Bob Markley hits a three run home run. AND NOW let's get back to the start of this story with two runners on Anthony's pitcher Bob Mc Cormick is coming to bat and again he hits a long fly ball into left field that goes over the fence for a three run home run. Not bad for a pitcher that the team normally always pinch hits for right? five RBI's in the two extra innings! Final Score Anthony's 11 to 4
    All kidding a side this was a very fine semi final game outstanding pitching by both pitchers Bobby Mc Cormick and Chris Lozzi for seven innings and all of the players on both teams for giving it their all on this very hot night (99 degrees at game time)
    Time of Game 1:56
    Umpires -- Tom Connley ~ Plate ~ Jim Aikens ~Base's

    Anthony's wins series 2 to 0

    Errors Have The Final Say
    The semi finals got started in 94 degree heat. In the first inning Preliminary comes out swinging and bangs five quick hits off of Regan pitcher Graig Doney when the inning ends Preliminary holds a four run lead. However it did not take Regan's long to come back. In the second inning they come back with four runs of their own. In the fourth inning Preliminary pitcher John Borrelli gets Regan's hitters to hit ground balls but there is poor fielding behind him and all of a sudden the base's are loaded with Regan runners when Pat Tobler comes to bat and he has already drove in two runs in this game. On the second pitch he drives a ball up the middle for a hit and puts Regans ahead in the game for the first time 5 to 4 and when the inning ends the score is Regans eight to four.
    Meanwhile Doney is holding Preliminary to just one hit since the second inning and now it's the top of the sixth. But here comes Preliminary and they start hitting the ball all over the place. They get six hits and score three runs but that is all of the scoring there would be on this hot night. Notes: ~ As well had Doney pitched John Borrelli pitched a little better the hits were Preliminary 12 to 9. Doney Did have four K's and did not walk a batter. But Errors do Kill!
    Final Score was Regan's 8 to 7
    Time of the game was 1:17
    Tom Mc Clain Plate
    Jim Aikens Base's

    Preliminary's eight runs in the sixth inning. Forces a third and final game. This was a great game. After Preliminary sixth inning Regan's came back with four runs of their own. Final Score Preliminary 11 to 9

    The game had evrything that anyone could ask for in the last game of A best of three semi finals. Both pitchers were outstanding in the early goings. As a matter of fact Regan pitcher Tom Martinka had held Preliminary to no hits going into the fourth inning before give up a hit. And Regan's was up in the game 3 to 0. In the top of the fifth inning Preliminary got their first two hitters on and Bobby Davis is at bat and he delivers a double the two runs makes the score Regan's 3 to 2. In the bottom of this inning Regans scored another run now it's 4 to 2. In the bottom of Regan's sixth inning just about everything went wrong for the 2001 Champs with a hit here and there and a few errors again behind pitcher John Borrelli the bases are loaded and Pat Tobler is standing at home plate. This guy just hits everything pitched to him and again sure enough he drives in two runs with a hit. But the biggest hit of the night was a grand slam by John Przybylinski and after the inning comes to an end Regan's has put eight runs on the board and this inning would bring this game and this series to a end. And gives Regans the right to go to the Championship Series for the first time in the Rotan league.
    Final Score Regan's 12 to 4

    Game Time 1:20
    Tommy Mc Clain ~ Plate
    Tommy Connley ~ Bases

    Regan's Wins Series 2 to 1


    GAME #1
  1. Regan's VS. Anthony's #2 ~ Friday August 16, 2002 ~ 7:30pm

    For the first time this season. I am not going to try to tell you inning by inning the hits the walks or runs. I am going to show you what this game was all about by giving you the game stats from the beginning of the story instead the end. So here goes

    20 ~ Runs
    20 ~ Hits
    11 ~ Walks
    1 ~ Error
    31 Runners Reach Base

    9 ~ Runs
    12 ~ Hits
    4 walks
    1 Error
    14 Runners Reach Base

    Home Runs
    Anthony's ~ Neil Spence
    Anthony's ~ Werner Brand
    Regan's ~ Pat Tobler

    Anthony's ~ Alicea ~ IP -3 1/3 ~ 11- Hits ~ 11- Runs ~ 8- Walks ~ 0 & 1 In the Series
    Anthony's ~ Mc Cormick ~IP- 3 2/3 ~ 9- Hits ~ 9- Runs ~ 3- Walks
    Regan's ~ O'Reilly ~ IP- 7 ~ 12- Hits ~ 9- Runs ~ 4- Walks



    GAME #2
  2. Anthony's #2 Vs. Regan's~ Monday August 19, 2002 ~ 7:30pm

    How do you describe these first two games? and these two teams?
    Most teams would be so humiliated after losing a game where your team gave up 20 runs on 20 hits. And to make things worse it was your first game of the championship series. Most players would just want to go home and hide their head!
    But not Anthony's #2 they not only showed up but banged out three home runs by Ryan Andrews, Werner Brand & Gil Newton Jr. in the first inning while scoring five runs. Then topped that with seven more runs in the second inning knocking out Regan's pitcher Jim Mc Kenna he was relpaced with pitcher Tom Martowloa But that was not the last of the scoring they would do. They hit two more home runs in this game by Ray Mustaro in the second and Bob Markley in the third inning. Regan's Gary (Doc) Mitchell has been having a great series hit another home run in the sixth inning driving in three runs for Regan's.

    Here is a good question for you. Has there ever been two teams as powerful as these two are in the final championship round? In all of the first 46 seasons?? Here are the first two games Regan's Hits ~ 30 ~ Anthony's ~ 28
    Regan's Runs ~ 25 ~ Anthony's ~ 27... These two teams are as close as a carbon copy. And only the man up stairs knows what is going to happen in game three.
    Final Score Anthony's 18 to 5

    Mc Kenna ~ IP 2 ~ Hits ~ 11 ~ Runs ~ 12 ~ 0 & 1 in the Series
    Martowloa ~ IP 5 ~ Hits ~ 5 ~ Runs ~ 6

    Mc Cormick ~ IP 7 ~ Hits ~ 10 Runs ~ 5 ~ 1 & 0 In the series

    Time of game 1:25
    Umpires ~ Mc Clain ~ Plate ~ Aikens & Connley ~ Bases

    t **************************************************************

    GAME #3
  3. Regan's Vs. Anthony's #2 ~ Tuesday August 20, 2002 ~ 7:00pm
    If you were waiting for an old fashion Championship game you got it in game three. In the first inning with one out and Anthony's first baseman Werner Brand at bat Regan's pitcher Graig Doney may have came inside just a little to far and Werner blasted the pitch over the roof of the home back of the left field fence. As soon as he hit the ball someone said "That was a Dougherty shot" it may have been the longest ball hit this season?
    So after the first inning it's anthony's 2 to 0. In the third Anthony's John Wood hits another home run making the score Anthony's 4 to 0. Besides the score Anthony's is getting the pitching tonight. Marc Alicea is breezing along with just a one hitter after four innings. But in the fifth Regan's starts making their move. They get five hits and score two runs and holds Anthonys to nothing in the bottom of the inning. Now it's the sixth and Regan's gets their leadoff hitter on when outfielder Joe Cloud triples scoring the third run and catcher Dave Rock hits a long sacrifice fly to right scoring the tying run at 4 to 4

    In the bottom of the sixth inning Anthony's Greg Cunningham hits a very big home run putting Anthony's only briefly ahead in the game as Regan's quickly tied the game again in their top of the seventh and holds Anthony's in the bottom of the inning to send the game into the eighth inning. Anthony's holds Regan's off the board in the eighth and go into the bottom of the inning, Second baseman Chris Nottis leading off hits a ball that clears the high fence in left field. Giving Anthony's a 6 to 5 win and a 2 to 1 lead in the best of five series.

    NOTES: Anthony's is clearly over powering Regan's pitchers with 11 Home Runs to 2 in the first three games. NEED A STOPPER ~ The Pitching must come trough Regan's has always had some of the top pitching in the league since joining in 2001. They will need that kind of pitching on Thursday night to give the team a chance.

    Regan's ~Doney IP 8 ~ Hits ~ 9 ~ 6 Runs ~2 WK ~ KO ~ 1 ~ 0 & 1 In the Series
    Anthony's ~ Alicea IP 8 ~ Hits ~ 12 ~ 5 Runs ~ 2 WK ~ KO ~0 ~ 1 & 1 In the Series

    Time of game 1:45
    Umpires Aikens - Plate ~ Mc Clain & Jim Dever Base's

    GAME #4
  4. Anthony's #2 Vs Regan's Bar ~ Thursday August 22, 2002 ~ 7:30pm
    Well here it is the fourth game of the championship final and Anthony's is setting in the drivers seat needing only this game to win it all. And they get off to a great start with three runs in the first inning off of Regan's best Joe O'Reilly. After the first inning O' Reilly starts to settle down over the next three innings. Meanwhile Regan's gets another big home run from second baseman Pat Tobler with a runner on in the third. And in Regan's fourth inning they get six hits along with two walks and two error's and put five runs on the board making the score at this point eight to three. In the top of the fifth inning Anthony's Chris Nottis knocks in a run and the score is now eight to four.

    The next Anthony hitter hits a line drive right pass pitcher O'Reilly's left side as O' Reilly reachs for the ball it looks like he gets hit on the hand with the ball. But the ball never hit him at all. "When I reached for the ball my hand hit the ground and I felt a twitch like a charley horse and it tighten up fast" So Joe Regan pointed to pitcher Graig Doney to replace O'Reilly. In his last outing he had given up four home runs to Anthony's hitters. But not on this night Doney faced nine Anthony's batters giving up just a single to John Wood.

    And just like it has been all season long Regan's and Anthony's are still tied. But this time there is just one more game left in all of the 2002 season. And after this game one of these really great teams will be the champions of 2002. Final Score Regan's 9 to 4

    Regan's O' Reilly IP 4 1/3 ~ Hits 6 ~ Runs 4 ~ WK's 2 ~ KO 1 ~ 2 & 0 in the Series
    Doney IP 2 1/3 ~ Hits 1 ~ Runs 0 ~ WK's 0 ~KO 0 ~ Save

    Mc Cormick ~ IP 6 ~ Hits 10 ~ Runs 9 ~ WK's 4 ~ KO 1 ~ 1 & 1 In the Series

    Time of Game 1:20
    Umpires ~ Tom Mc Clain Plate ~ Aikens & Connley on the Bases

    GAME NOTES: What is your guess? who will pitch the final game for Regan's? Here is ours?
    Jim Mc Kenna ~ IP 2 ~ Hits ~ 11 ~ Runs ~ 12 ~ 0 & 1 in the Series... With Doney as back up??
    And for Anthony's ~ Alicea IP ~ 11 1/3 ~ HITS ~ 23 ~ RUNS ~ 16 ~ WK’s ~ 10 ~ 1 & 1 In the Series.

    Is this the latest date that the league playoffs have ever played? ~ Could it be possible?? that Anthony's would ask Richy Nottis Sr. to be their back up tonight?? ~ Biggest crowd of the year? Should be it is a Friday night. Last night was by far the largest so far but tonight should top that easy. Tonights Umpires Ed Dever ~ Tommy Mc Clain & Tommy Connley. Tonight is also Awards night. Right after the game the Championship trophy will be awarded to the winner and the M.V.P. will go to the series best player, So stick around....


  5. Regan's Vs. Anthony's #2 Friday August 23, 2002 ~ 7:30pm ~
    It took them 1:37 to play the game of the year!!Both teams played from the first inning like there was no tomorrow and there really was not.

    This game had everything. But mostly great defensive plays all night by both teams infielders. There had to be six double plays in the late innings like the fourth, the fifth and the sixth innings when a run could have won the game. Then there were the outfielders on both teams making throws to bases nailing runners trying to take the extra base. The pitching was that of a championship game Regan's pitcher Tom Martowloa pitched all nine innings and was charged with a very tough loss. Anthony's Marc Alicea pitched until his arm gave out. And asked to be taken out with two outs in the seventh inning. He was replaced by Bobby Mc Cormick and he did not give up a run in 2 1/3 innings.

    John "Lock" put Regan's ahead 2 to 1 in the second inning after Werner Brand had given Anthony's a 1 to 0 lead in the first. In the fourth inning John Wood drove in two runs giving Anthony's a 4 to 2 lead. Regan's scores one in the sixth on a hit by Dave Rock and another run in the seventh on another John "Lock" hit. In the eighth on one scores. It's the bottom of the ninth inning Anthony's gets the bases loaded on a walk and two hits NO OUTS. Regan's has a meeting on the mound then play in... Ryan Andrews is up and he lifts a ball to shallow right and no one can score. John Wood comes to bat and he hits another ball to right. Regans outfielder make a great throw to home but Ray Mustaro slides home and beats the ball. And the 2002 Championship Series ends Final Score Anthony's 5 to 4

    Game Notes: This was one of the best of all time five game series. Both teams are winners you just can't play much better then they played. It took ten games but just one run told the story of two really great teams and their playoffs.

    Time of Game 1:37
    Umpires ~ Ed Dever Plate Tommy Mc Clain And Tommy Connley on the Bases

    PLAYOFFS ~~ 2003

    Monday July 28, 2003

    The story of this the first ever playoff game between these two teams. Was a very well pitched game. By a very good shortstop turned pitcher.
    When the teams number one pitcher went down early in the season. Then shortstop Bill Carter was asked to go to the mound and he has done most of the pitching for his team ever since. In this game he allowed eight hits and just two runs.

    Then there was the hitting, most of this season the team has used very little power with their line up. That was untill this game. Outfielder Billy Todd blasted two long home runs and supplied the power along with passing time's third baseman Jason Thrower that also hit a home run into deep center field. Anthony's had taken 4 out of 5 games they had played with Passing Time this season. But like some Passing Time players were saying after the game. "This is a new season"
    Final score 12 - 2
    Plate - Bill Sysima
    Bases - Jim Aikens

    Tuesday July 29, 2003
    PASSING TIME VS. ANTHONY'S #1 ~ 8:15pm

    Passing Times pitcher Billy Carter some how found a way to go back to the mound for the second night in a row. And pitch almost a carbon copy of the game he pitched last night. Again he held Anthony's #1 team to just three runs.

    In this game the Passing Time power disappeared again. But the team played some good "D" like in the sixth inning Anthony's had two runners on at first and second base with no outs. When shortstop Mike Kulb made a diving catch that cooled Anthony's off and this play alone almost killed the rally. It was an inning the started with two on and no one scored.
    Plate - Tommy Conn
    Bases - Mark Brunkel


    Monday July 28, 2003
    FISHTOWN VS. CRABBY'S ~ 8:15ppm

    Fishtown playing some of the best softball in the last week of the season that this team has ever played since they came into the league six years ago. Continued their winning ways on the arm of their 58 year old pitcher John Reb Bland. All he did was go out and pitch a five hitter and throw a second shut out in his last three games. This game set a all time record in the playoffs No Pitcher ever pitched a shut out in the playoffs since the website records has started in 2001.The hitting was there to back him up as the team overpowered Crabby's by the score of 11 to 0

    Plate - Jim Aikens
    Bases - Bill Sysima

    Tuesday July 29, 2003
    CRABBY'S VS. FISHTOWN ~ 7:00pm

    Here is a team that seems to find away to come back after losing a big game in the first round every year in the playoffs.

    It really don't matter if their name is Starboard Side or Crabby's it is the same players well.. almost the same players. But when it comes to the playoffs you can almost bet anything that what ever their name is this team will be there in the second game. And that is for sure!

    Crabby's that were shut down on a shut out last night. Came to the plate and started hitting the ball all over the place. They really had this on wrapped up early final score tonight. Crabby's 10 to 3. Series tied at one.

    Plate - Tommy Conn
    Bases - Mark Brunkel

    Thursday July 31, 2003
    FISHTOWN VS. CRABBY'S ~ 7:30pm

    It was 7:00pm and it was raining. Players and umpires croweded in small groups outside of the field wondering if this the third and final game would even get started?

    It was just about 7:30pm when with the rain coming down very lite. The umpires called the teams to play. Fishtown was the first to come to bat in this very big game and they got off to a great start when Jim Reeves came to bat with two on and one run in already. He hits a home run to center field to give his team a 4 to 0 lead.

    But Crabby's came right back in the bottom of the inning with a three run homer by Billy Gorey to make the score 4 to 3 after one.
    Fishtown continued to build on their lead and by the fourth inning had a 10 to 4 lead and the rain was coming down a little harder.
    Crabby's pick up a run here and there and all of a sudden Crabby's has tied the game 10 to 10 and the two teams still have the same two pitchers pitching that started the series. John Reb Bland and Danny Gannon! And it is now the eighth inning And it is still raining. Fishtown Gets a runner on but can't score. Crabby's gets the bases loaded with one out and pitcher Danny Gannon is at the plate on the second pitch with the out field in he hits a ball over the right center fielders head. This drives in the run that wins the game for the Carbby's team 11 to 10. It is now 9:10pm and it is still raining.

    CRABBY'S WINS THE SERIES 2 TO 1. And moves on to play Preliminary Bar on Friday.
    Plate - Jim Aikens
    Bases - Bill Sysima


    Pasing Time Vs Anthony's #2
    Friday August 1, 2003 - 7:00pm

    Passing Time takes a two run lead in the top of the first inning. But in the bottom of the inning Anthony's #2 comes right back with a four spot after one 4 -2.

    Passing Time ties the game at four in their third inning. But in the bottom of the inning Anthony's frist two hitters reach base and Outfielder Greg Cunningham Homers over the fence in left and the next batter Ray Mustaro hits the second pitch to him over the same fence for back to back home runs. The score now is 8 to 4. Passing Time keeps fighting back, But a triple play kills their rally. It is the fifth inning and they have no outs and runners at first and second base. The batter hits a hard line drive that Anthony shortstop Gil Newton Jr. grab's and steps on second, throws to first base for the tripe play.
    This was a very well played ball game final score Anthony's #2 - 9 to 6.

    Plate - Ed Dever
    Bases - Tom Conn

    Anthony's #2 Vs. Passing time
    Monday August 4, 2003 - 8:15pm

    What can you say when a team plays all year to get to the playoffs. And when your down to last years champions 1 to 0. And in the second game you have just nine players show up to play. Can you imagine the disappointment of the nine players that did come to play this playoff game?

    That is what happened to Passing Time last night How sad, what has happeded to softball Why do 22 players sign a teams roster and some don't show after the first week? The playoffs is suppose to be what a team plays for all year??

    Final Score Anthony's 11 to 2
    Plate - Jim Aikens
    Bases -Bill Sysima

    ANTHONY'S #2 WINS SERIES 2 TO 0 - Moves onto Championship Round

    Crabby's Vs. Preliminary ~ Game #1
    Friday August 1, 2003 - 8:15pm

    Forget the season this is the playoffs and this is a playoff TEAM. Thats right Crabby's are 3 and 1 in the 2003 playoffs!

    Right off of the bat in the first inning they score seven runs on Preliminary. and played like they always do in the playoffs. They held off Preliminary and won the game 8 to 7.

    Plate - Tommy Conn
    Bases - Ed Dever


    Preliminary Vs Crabby's ~ Game #2
    Monday August 4, 2003 - 7:00pm

    Preliminary uses pitching and hitting to tie series...
    In game one of this series Crabby's jumped all over Preliminary pitcher John Borrelli in the first inning for seven runs and won by the score of 8 to 7

    In game two John is back on the mound again and when Crabby's came to bat in the bottom of their first inning down 2 to 0. They again in this games first inning tied up the game with a quick two runs.
    But this guy Borrelli has a knack of being able to shut down teams in really big games and this was one for sure. After the first inning he did just that. He did not allow a run the rest of the game.
    Meanwhile his team was banging the ball off of Crabby's pitcher Danny Gannon. In the second inning Preliminary scored five runs and the big hit was a three run home run by outfielder Mike Beltle who was 3 for 4 on the night just missing the cycle with a double. He also scored two runs and had four R.b.I's

    Final Score Preliminary 10 to 2
    Plate - Bill Sysima
    Bases - Jim Aikens


    Crabby's Vs Preliminary ~ Game #3
    Wednesday August 6, 2003 - 7:30pm

    ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?-- Crabby's wins moves onto the finals for the first time since 1999 when they (Starboard Side) won the Championship.

    Here is a team that a month ago came with-in one minute of forfeiting out of the league! Because they had already forfeited a game during the 2003 season.

    Here is a team that won just ten games all season. YET in the playoffs they have a 4 and 2 record. Have you ever heard the name Clark Kent???.. Well I think you know what I am getting at. Along with their four wins in the playoffs they have out scored their opponents 41 to 26 since their loss to Fishtown (11-0)

    Can you say seven RBI's on two home runs and a single by Crabby's outfielder Bobby Carey. Carey just missed by two RBI's of tying the Playoff record.(Most R.B.I’s (9) in one game by Preliminary's Eddie Zakalewicz Vs. Anthony’s #1 ~ 2002)
    Other Crabby players that had a very good night at the plate was shortstop Danny Shissler and first baseman Joey Malak with three hits each.

    Final Score
    Crabby's - 11 ~ Preliminary - 6

    Winning Pitcher - Danny Gannon - hits -9 - walks - 3
    Losing Pitcher - John Borrelli - Hits -13 - walks -5

    Plate - Tommy Conn
    Bases- Eddie Dever Jr.
    Time Of Game 1:23


    GAME #1
    Crabby's Vs. Anthony's #2
    Thursday August 7, 2003 ~ 7:30pm ~

    On a very wet rainy night in Philadelphia the 2003 Championship got under way.
    Anthony's #2 knew coming into this game that they would have their hands full. This team Crabby's were hot after taking two out of three games over a good Preliminary team.

    But not even Anthony players or fans could know what was about to happen.... Crabby's right from the start blasted Anthony pitcher Marc Alicea for seven runs on seven hits a walk and a mammath home run hit by third baseman Bill Gorey that cleared the new benches in deep right field (benches are for the tournament this weekend) six Crabby players had RBI's in this the first inning as the team batted around and the score was 7 to 0.
    In the bottom of the second inning Anthony's started to come to life with five runs now 7 to 5. But in the top of the third Crabby's puts three more runs on the board giving them a 10 to 5 lead.
    Sure as the rain was coming down even harder Anthony's would put three of their own runs on the board to make it now 10 to 8. And Crabby's picks up another run giving them 11 to 8 and all of these runs off of Alicea.

    Anthony's team with a ton of experience in the playoffs keep their heads in the game and their players start to pound a very exhausted Crabby's pitcher Danny Gannon. They score two in the fourth and another six in the sixth inning to wrap up this game.
    Final Score 16 to 11 Anthony's #2

    Crabby's - Gannon IP/7 - Runs/16 - Hits/15 - Wks/5 -KO/0 - W-0 - L-1
    Anthony's -Alicea - IP/4 - Runs/11 - Hits/14 - Wks/2 - KO/0
    Anthony's - Nottis - IP/3 - Runs/0 - Hits/3 - Wks/0 - K0/0 - W- 1 - L- 0

    Plate - Jim Aikens
    Bases - Mark Brunkel & Bill Sysima

    Time Of Game - 1:35

    GAME #2
    Anthony's #2 Vs. Crabby's
    Monday August 11, 2003 ~ 7:30pm ~

    Crabby's comes back to beat a tired team. Early in the evening you could see the concern on the faces of the Anthony's team

    You could hear the players asking each other if Gil was going to play? Gil is Gil Newton Jr. Just maybe the best shortstop in the league and he had gotten hurt in one of the six games that this team had to play on Sunday. What if Gil's shoulder would not let him play? and how about right fielder Ryan Andrews he hurt his leg yesterday too was he going to play in this game?

    The players would keep looking across the field to see if another player would come limping from the gate to the bench..
    Six games two in the Northeast and four in the Freddy Adams tournament that never ended untill almost 10pm. How much can the human body take before it finally saids that is it...and shuts down because it needs rest?

    Meanwhile Crabby's they came to play fresh and ready to go. And they do have a remarkable knack of re-bounding after a big loss. And they did it again. The coach made a few changes in the infield that made the difference on defence especially the left side of the infield with Danny Shissler back to third base and Chris Lemma at shortstop. You really have to drive the ball hard to get it through that side of the field.
    It was early in the game when Crabby's outfielder Tommy Mullen made one of the great diving catches of the year.
    As late as the fifth inning Anthony's was on top by 9 to 7 but in the bottom of the fifth it was Crabby's getting the big inning with four runs. That would be all they would need. As pitcher Danny Gannon shut the door in the last two innings on Anthony's for the win that tied the series at one each.
    Final Score Crabby's 11 to 9

    INSIDE THE GAME ~~ It looks like Gil Newton Jr. did hurt his shoulder bad enough to keep him out of the remaining championship games? All of the other Anthony players did play. The crowd seemed to be a little smaller then in other playoff games? Maybe it was the weather hot and looking like rain or the Eagles game on T.V? The only Crabby's player to miss the game was A.J. Thomson.

    Anthony's #2 - Bob Mc Cormick -IP/6 - Hits -10 - Wk- 6 - KO -1 - W-0 - L-1
    Crabby's - Danny Gannon - IP/7 -hits 10 - Wk-6 - KO-0 - W-1 - L -1

    Plate - Bill Sysima
    Bases - Jimmy Aikens & Eddie Dever

    Time of game 1:37

    GAME #3
    Crabby's Vs. Anthony's #2
    Tuesday August 12, 2003 ~ 7:30pm

    Right from the first batter Anthony's shortstop Chris Nottis and the next four hitters ring off five straight hits and when the inning ends Anthony's is up by 3 to 0.
    Anthony's Rich Nottis Sr is starting his first game in this series. even though he did pick up a win in relief.

    He gets Crabby's in the first two innings but in the third Crabby's get three hits and two runs the score is 3 to 2.
    In the bottom of the inning Anthony's comes right back with two runs of their own going up 5 to 2.
    Anthony's score three more runs in the fourth and fifth innings. And Anthony's Pitcher Nottis holds Crabby's to just one run in their last four innings and they win this very big game and go up two to one in this the championship round.
    Werner Brand stays hot going 3 for 4 in this game with four more R.B.I's. He is now 9 for 12 in the playoffs with 9 R.B.I's and is hitting .750

    INSIDE THE GAME ~~ This game was the fastest game in the playoffs since the records for the playoffs were started for the web site in 2000 the new record is 1:08... Also last year there were 14 home runs hit in the championship playoffs this year there are none that we can remember?

    Anthonys - Rich Nottis Sr. - IP/7 - Hits/9 - Runs/3 - Wks/2 - KO/0 -0 -W-2 - L-0
    Crabby's - Danny Gannon - IP/6 - Hits/12 - Runs/8 - Wks/1 - KO/1 - W-1 - L-2

    Plate - Tommy Conn
    Bases - Bill Sysima & Jimmy Aikens
    Time Of Game - 1:08

    GAME #4
    Anthony's #2 Vs. Crabby's
    Thursday August 14, 2003 ~ 7:30pm

    Fans at this years final championship game four will not remember this as one of the better games played as in years gone by. They may even remember this game as one of the poorest games ever played in the 48 year history of the league.

    30 Hits - 26 Runs - 7 Errors - 7 Walks these were the game stats. With most of the good stats going to the 2003 League Champions Anthony's #2 this team banged out 21 hits 20 runs four home runs two each by Neil Spence and Chris Nottis, A three for four for night by right fielder Ryan Andrews.

    But the player that had the most fantastic night of all with five for five and four R.B.I's in this game. And 14 for 17 with 13 R.B.I's. and a batting average of .823 to become the M.V.P. of the 2003 playoffs was first baseman Werner Brand.

    In all fairness to Crabby's They had just about 11 or 12 players left making the games and just one pitcher he give everything that he had left after pitching 99% of all games in the 2003 season and every game in the playoffs in all of the heat of the day. You have to take off your hat to Danny Gannon and the rest the Crabby players knowing that the odds were very heavy against them coming into this game.

    Anthony's - Bob Mc Cormick - IP/7 - Hits/9 - Runs/6 - Wks/7 - KO/1 - W/l -L/1
    Crabby's - Dan Gannon -IP/7 - Hits/21 - Runs/20 - Wks/0 - KO/0 - W/1 - L/3

    Plate - Mark Brunkel
    Bases - Jim Aikens & Bill Sytsma
    Time Of Game 1:34


    PLAYOFFS ~~ 2004

    This free script provided by JavaScript Kit

    Be our guest right here from the first game to the last inning of the final championship game. Welcome to the 2004 playoffs our 49th playoffs. Thats right the first playoffs were played on July 29, 1956, that was a long time ago. Over the years there has been some of the best softball ever played right here in Fishtown and here we go again. If you can't be here at the games we will attempt to bring you each morning with your coffee scores and details about the games played the night before. From Hetzells Playground in Fishtown Philadelphia Pa.

    Winning means you're willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else. ~~~ Winning the Championship in this league has always been the most prestigious Award you could win here in Fishtown. But time is running out on the Rotan league and we don't know just how many more seasons we have? So make every innning of every game in this years playoffs the best that you can give to your teams chances in 2004. Then win or lose you'll know in your heart you gave everything you had. We wish you all a great playoff in our 49th season.........

    Best of 3 Series

    GAME #1 ~ Wednesday August 4, 2004

    Fishtown Vs. Passing Time

    It was almost 7:00pm and it seemed that everyone had a smile on their face. Finally the 2004 playoffs were going to get under way. But it was not long when word started to spread quickly that another storm was on its way and may hit here in Fishtown around 8/8:30pm.

    The game was under way with two good pitchers Mike Martin for Passing Time and Danny Gannon for Fishtown facing each other in this quarter game #1

    The game started out to be a very good one and even with the six errors in the game after four full innings were played it was Passing Time 4 to 2.

    In the 5th inning the roof fell in on the Fishtown team. Passing Time scored seven runs on six hits and Fishtown committed three more errors and it was all but over. Pitcher Martin was on his game all night pitching a three hitter (2 of them by Fishtown catcher John Johnson)

    Passing Time Final Score 12 to 2 Just one home run in this game by Billy Todd - Passing Time.

    Passing Time - 15
    Fishtown - 3
    Passing Time - 5
    Fishtown - 8

    Tommy Conn - Plate
    Jake Moore - Bases

    Time Of Game - 1:21
    Game Note: The game ended at 8:21pm the rain came down in buckets at 8:25pm

    Thursday August 5, 2004

    GAME #2
    Passing Time Vs Fishtown ~ 8:15pm

    Mike Martin that pitched a three hitter the night before was back to start again. Fishtown was ready the team knew this was it won you go on lose and you go home. But hoping is one thing. Doing what you need to win is another. And Fishtown did not have it again on this night.

    Passing Time's Chris Densette and Mike Kulb each took things into their hands both hitting a three run home run. And Martin pitched another over powering game giving up just four hits and eliminating Fishtown in two games by the score of 9 to 1.


    Tommy Conn - Plate
    Jake Moore - Bases

    Time Of Game - 1:25

    GAME #1 ~ Thursday August 5, 2004


    The havey rain fom the night before wiped out Hetzells field with many large puddles in left field. At about 4:30pm a decision was made to move the games to Shissler Rec. Center just a few blocks away. That is if the field could be used? After looking the field over it was found to be in good shape and so the move took place.

    Again in this game two of the league's better pitchers would start for their teams. Marc Alicea for Sammy's and Bobby Mc Cormick for Chug A Mug. ~ Chug A Mug would be a little short on players with only ten available for most of this series.

    In the top of the fifth inning with Sammy's up by the score of 5 to 2. Chug A Mug's Joey Sparks came to the plate with two on. He hit Alicea's second pitch over the right field wall to give Chug a tie of 5 to 5. But in the bottom of the fifth Sammy's put five runs of their own on the board and added three more in their sixth to take the first game by the score of 13 to 5

    Sammy's - 11
    Ghug A Mug - 9

    Mc Cormick - 7
    Alicea -1

    Sammy's - 2
    Chug A Mug - 5

    Jake Moore - Plate
    Tommy Conn - Bases

    TIME OF GAME - 1:33

    GAME #2 ~ Friday August 6, 2004
    Sammy's Bar B Que Vs. Chug A Mug ~ 7:30pm

    When Chug A Mug reached Hetzells on Friday night August 6, the team was down to just nine players. for many different reasons this was all they had left. All of the odds were with Sammy's Bar B Que on this night and Sammy's was already up one game in this best of three game series.But nothing was going to stop them from giving everything they had to stay in the playoffs and take it into the third and final game on Monday night when they would get back their tenth player.

    Sammy's had a six run lead going into the bottom of the third inning. Then Chug started a come back scoring four runs making the score 6 to 4. In the top of fifth inning Sammy's scored what looked like the knock out punch scoring eight runs, bring the score to 14 to 4 and three more to make it 17 to 5 in the top of the sixth. But Chug A Mug was never going to give up as they scored ten runs before a infield fly ended the teams hope final score 18 to 15 Sammy's moves onto the Semi Finals that starts on Monday August 9, 2004

    Sammy's - 14
    Ghug A Mug - 17
    Mc Cormick - 10
    Alicea -2
    Sammy's - 3
    Chug A Mug - 6
    Jake Moore - Plate
    Eddie Dever Jr. - Bases

    TIME OF GAME - 1:41


    Best of 3 Series

    Monday August 9, 2004
    GAME #1

    Sammy's Bar B Que Vs. Murph's ~ 7:00pm

    Both teams came to Hetzells early Murph's as early as 6pm most of their players feeling they needed some BP as they have not played since July 20th.

    But there was excitment in the air this was the Semi Finals. As the game went og you could see the layoff did not help this team looked sluggish at bat with only five hit. And even with the six walks given them by Sammy's pitcher Alicea they could not put runs on the board. Murph's pitcher John Borrelli gave up three home runs to a two run home to Ryan Andrews in the 3rd. inning one to Bob Carey in the sixth and the guy that always seem to play better and better every year in the playoffs John Wood that had a monster three run home run in the top of the 7th. and ended with 3 for 4 and four RBI's

    TEAMS ------------------------- 1----- 2----- 3----- 4----- 5----- 6----- 7 -----R-----H-----E----W----KO
    SAMMY'S --------------------- 0----- 0----- 2----- 2----- 0----- 1------3----- 8-----10-----2-----1-----0
    MURPH'S --------------------- 0----- 1----- 0----- 1----- 0----- 0------ 0----- 2-----5------0-----6-----0

    Sammy's Marc Alicea 3 & 0 In Playoffs
    Murph's John Borrelli 0 & 1 In Playoffs

    Time of game 1:11

    Mark Brunkel - Plate
    Jack Moore - Bases

    Monday August 9, 2004
    GAME #1

    Passing Time VS. Chasers Sports Bar ~ 8:15pm

    The second game was not much of a semi final game Passing Time's Billy Carter hit a three run home run in the first inning. And I'm told that was all the scoring that the team did in this game.
    Ryan Nottis pitched a great game from that point on. And Chasers Sports Bar was fulley in charge the rest of the game. Chris Nottis hit a grandslam home run and had a triple and a home run. Chasers put 19 hits on the board and won this first game by the score of 18 to 3

    Chasers Ryan Nottis ~ 1 & 0 In Playoffs
    Passing Time Mike Martin ~ 2 & 1 In Playoffs

    Game time 1:34

    Jake Moore Plate
    Mark Brunkel

    Tuesday August 10, 2004
    Semi Final - GAME #2

    Chasers Sports Bar Vs. Passing Time ~ 7:00pm

    You wait all year long for the playoffs. Then they are here and then there gone in a flash, And your season is over your hopes and dreams of winning it all are gone.
    After Passing Time lost their first game in a very embarrassing way (18 to 3) one of their players even having six errors himself. In softball you don't have the time to worry it because within 24 hours your back on the field. And you better be ready because if you lose this one your season is over.

    Passing Time came to this game with just ten players (the guy that had the six errors quit) After three full innings the score was Pssing Time 2 to 1. Then in the 4th. inning Chasers unleashed their power with three home runs The first by Mickey King 3 RBI's the next by Ryan Nottis and the final A grandslam by Jordan Nicgorski his second home run in two nights. Final Score Chasers 11 to 3

    TEAMS ----------------------------- 1----- 2----- 3----- 4----- 5----- 6----- 7 -----R-----H-----E-----W------K
    Chasers Bar ------------------------0-----1-----0----- 8----- 1----- 0------1------ 11-----13----0------4-------0
    Passing Time -----------------------0-----1-----1----- 0----- 0----- 0------1------ 3-------9------1------1-------4

    Chasers ~ Graig Doney 1 & 0 in The Playoffs
    Passing Time ~ Mike Martin 2 & 2 In The Playoffs

    Tommy Conn ~ Plate
    Jake Moore ~ Base's

    Time of Game ~ 1:11

    Chasers Sports Bar Wins Semi Finals 2 to 0

    Tuesday August 10, 2004
    Semi Final - GAME #2

    Murph's Vs Sammy's Bar B Que ~ 8:15pm

    Sammy's Bar B Que pitcher Marc Alicea gave up three homes runs in this agme but it was the one in the sixth inning by Murph's Coach Steve Brown that tied the game at eight.
    On the other side Murph's pitcher John Borrelli got hit hard all night Sammy's catcher Bill Wilcox had a 3 for 4 night. But the killer was The five Sammy's home runs two from Tommy Dixon, John Wood hit another home run his second in two nights. Bobby Markley already had hit a home run in this game when he came to the plate with the bases loaded and two outs in the seventh inning and hit a ball over the left field fence but did not run it out. After reaching first base he stopped giving him just a single but it was the winning hit. Making the final score 9 to 8.


    Sammy's ~ Marc Alicea 4 & 0 In The Playoffs
    Murph's ~John Borrelli 0 & 2 In The Playoffs

    Jake Moore ~ Plate
    Tommy Conn ~ Base's
    Time of Game 1:32~

    Best of 5 game series

    2004 Season Record ~ Chasers 4 & 0 Over Sammy's Bar B Que

    August 12, 2004
    GAME #1

    Sammy's Bar B Que Vs. Chasers Sports Bar ~ 7:30pm

    It was a hot and humid night with the threat of heavy rain on its way. The playoff tension was in the air. Game one of any series is always a big one and both teams would go to war to win this one. Chasers pitcher Ryan Nottis would set down Sammy's one, two, three in the top of the first. In the bottom of the first inning and one run already on the board for Chasers and two runners on base when Jordan Nicgorski came to bat. And he his been on fire hitting a ton in these playoffs. He hits the second pitch given him by Sammy's pitcher Marc Alicea deep into the dark nights sky well over the left field fence for a three run home run.

    Sammy's bounce right back in their top of the second with two runs and in the third inning Sammy's catcher Bill Wilcox with two on and two outs hits a line drive to tie the score at four all. Both team settled down in the 4th. inning. In the bottom of the 5th inning Chasers third baseman Jordan Nicgorski hits his second home run of this game to again put his team ahead this time for keeps. Richie Nottis Jr. in the sixth drove in a insurance run on with a sacrifice fly to right field.

    GAME NOTES... At this time of the year Walks can kill a pitcher and his team. In this game there were ten batters walked five by each pitcher. Of these walks five runners scored.
    Chasers Jordan Nicgorski now has 12 at bats 8 hits, four home runs one a grandslam and 13 RBI's in just three playoff games

    TEAMS --------------------------------1----- 2----- 3----- 4----- 5----- 6---- 7 ------R-----H-----E-----W------K
    SAMMY'S BAR ---------------------0----- 2----- 2----- 0----- 0----- 0------0------4------7------1------5-------1
    CHASERS BAR ---------------------4----- 0----- 0----- 0----- 1-----1------X------ 6----- 8------3------5-------0

    Sammy's ~ Marc Alicea - 4 & 1 In The Playoffs
    Chasers ~ Ryan Nottis - 2 & 0 In The Playoffs

    Tommy Conn ~Plate
    Jake Moore ~Base
    Jim Dever ~Base

    TIME of GAME ~ 1:18

    August 16, 2004
    GAME #2
    Chasers Sports Bar Vs. Sammy's Bar B Que ~ 7:30pm

    In this game #2 Home run hitting took center stage. Chasers fourth and fifth hitters took things into their own hands. Here is all they did... Hit four home runs drive in 11 of the 14 runs scored by the team on this night. Yes Jordan Nicgorski and Mickey King that is their names King had 2 home runs with 4 RBI's and Nicgorski 2 home runs and 7 RBI's and the seven give him a new playoff RBI record of 20 in just four games played braking Werner Brand record of 13 in four playoff games just last year 2003. And Nicgorski record continues with a possible three games still remaining.
    Chasers pitcher Ryan Nottis ties John Borrelli's 3 wins without a loss in the playoffs semi's and finals. And he can set a new playoff record if he can win another game in this playoff.

    This game puts tremendous pressure on Sammy's that now must win three games and with mainly just one pitcher Marc Alicea. Things don't look to bright. What seems to be an impossible task to over come and knowing they have not beaten Chasers this season or the playoffs 0 & 6 They know that their backs are to the wall and it is now or never. But don't count this team out... not yet. Coming into this game they were a very tired team playing all weekend long in the Freddy Adams Tournament. This is an outstanding team loaded with same of the best players in this league or any other league. And this is the finals. Don't look for them to go down without a fight because its just not going to happen.

    GAME NOTES... Tonight's crowd was the smallest to see a Championship final game in many years? Maybe everybody is just softballed out from the Freddy Adams Tournament?

    TEAMS --------------------------------1----- 2----- 3----- 4----- 5----- 6---- 7------R--------H-------E-----W------K
    CHASERS BAR ---------------------4----- 0----- 3----- 4----- 0----- 0------3------14------12------2------4-------0
    SAMMY'S BAR ---------------------0----- 0----- 1----- 1----- 0----- 2------0------ 4--------8------3------6-------3

    Chasers Ryan Nottis 3 & 0 In The Playoffs
    Sammy's Marc Alicea 4 & 2 In The Playoffs

    Plate ~ Jake Moore
    Base ~ Tommy Conn
    Base ~ Mark Brunkel

    TIME of GAME - 1:24

    August 17, 2004 ~ Hall Of Fame Night
    GAME #3

    Sammy's Bar B Que Vs. Chasers Sports Bar ~ 7:30pm

    Both teams showed up early. Chasers now with 19 wins in a row. As a matter of fact they have not lost any games since way back on May 27, 2004 when Fishtown beat them 6 to 5

    All the team needed was just one more win. Could this brand new team do something that no other team in the leagues 48 year history could do? That is to win the championship in their first season? and also win their 20th game in a row?

    Only seven innings to go. They sent pitcher Graig Doney to the mound. Doney has been pitching now for 22 years. After we asked him how many years he had pitched he told us that "No one is going to believe this but this was my 43rd Championship tonight! Some years I pitched in four or five leagues. And I have played with some really good ball players and teams" "But please give my teams all of the credit"

    Well on this night Chasers coach Rich Nottis Sr. picked the right pitcher. Doney held Sammy's to just three hits over the first six innings of this very big game and held a 7 to 0 lead going into the seventh inning. But Sammy's came up with four hits in the inning to break Doney's shut out and make the final score 7 to 1 Chasers wins it all in three games.

    GAME NOTES... Jordan Nicgorski was a unanimous pick for the M.V.P. of this years playoffs he had 6 home runs 21 RBI's and hit .740 in just five games.

    TEAMS --------------------------------1----- 2----- 3----- 4----- 5----- 6---- 7 ------R-----H-----E-----W------K
    SAMMY'S BAR ---------------------0----- 0----- 0----- 0----- 0----- 0------1------1------7------2------1-------0
    CHASERS BAR ---------------------2----- 0----- 2----- 2----- 0----- 1------X------ 7-----7------0------4-------0

    Sammy's ~ Marc Alicea - 4 & 3 In The Playoffs
    Chasers ~ Graig Doney ~ 2 & 0 In The Playoffs

    Plate ~ Mark Brunkel
    Bases ~ Tommy Conn
    Bases ~ Jimmy Dever

    TIME of GAME ~ 1:14


    "A Winner Never Quits A Quiter Never Wins" ~~~ Jack Moore July 12, 2005

    If you have played in this league over the years. And like a lot of people feel that this could be the leagues final season. Give it the respect it deserves. If this could be the last time you can play modified you owe to those that have played it over our 50 seasons. But most of all you owe it to yourself. These playoffs are wide open to any team. But it all starts with you believing in your team and yourself..................

    Be our guest right here from the first game to the last inning of the final championship game. Welcome to the 2005 playoffs our 50th playoffs. Thats right the first playoffs were played on July 29, 1956, that was a long time ago. Over the years there has been some of the best softball ever played right here in Fishtown and here we go again. If you can't be here at the games we will attempt to bring you each morning with your coffee scores and details about the games played the night before. From Hetzells Playground in Fishtown Philadelphia Pa.

    Best of 3 Series

    NOTE: if this series would end in two games the semi finals would start on Thursday July 28, 2005.

    First Game ~ July 25, 2005 ~ 7:00pm

    Monday July 25, - 7:00pm Fishtown Vs Anthony's

    On a brutally hot night in game one of the 2005 playoffs Fishtown's pitcher John Johnson brilliant 21 innings of three run softball in the last three games of the season. Came to a abrupt halt right in the first inning as he gave up four Anthony's home runs to Dave Dougherty Jr. - Bob Moe - Brad Deeley & Mike Kandel. It was right then you knew with the ball jumping off of the bat that this was going to be a very long high scoring game. And before it was all over Kandel hit another home run and drove in five runs on the night. The final score was 21 to 12 Anthony's. ~ When the game started at 7:03 it had to be 93 degrees but it felt more like 100 when it ended at 9:02pm.
    Umpires - Plate ~ Tommy Conn & Bases ~ Jake Moore

    Monday July 25, - 8:15 Chug A Mug Vs. Freddy's Friends

    In game two the home run parade continued as Freddy's Friends pounded Chug A Mug pitcher Bob Mc Cormick for four home runs by Tommy Dixon - Danny Doyle & Gil Newton Jr. It was a night that the pitchers want to forget. The final score of this game was Freddy's 25 to 12
    Umpires - Plate ~ Jake Moore ~ Bases ~ Tommy Conn
    Tuesday July 26, - 7pm - Freddy's Friends Vs Chug A Mug

    Pitcher Jim Quinn Sr. took on the responsibilitys of the game that would be the biggest game of the season for the Chug A Mug bar team for this game could mean they would move into the third and final game this Thursday night. Ghug that was blown away the night before.
    The team came with a refreshed feeling of winning this one. They went out played good "D" in the field and used timely hitting and took a big lead of 11 to 5 into the top of the 7th inning. But Freddy's that did not do very much after the 4th inning came to bat. One player after aother seemed to fined away to get on base with a walk or a hit and before you knew it they had come back and were down by just two runs. There were two outs and two on when outfielder Bobby Markley came to bat and you could just about hear a dime drop. Two pitches into the count he hit a ball high into the night sky that sailed over the high left field fence giving his team the first lead since the first inning of 12 to 11.
    Chug had runners on first and second base when the last out was made the win gave Freddy's the right to move onto the semi finals.
    Plate- Jim Aikens ~ Bases - Tom Scartozzi

    Tuesday July 26, -8:15 - Anthony's Vs. Fishtown-

    It was a call that ended the game early. It was the 6th inning Anthony's leading at this point 15 to 3 when a ball was called dead by base umpire Jim Aikens for hitting a tree that started it all. A dispute started over the call and before it was over three of Fishtown players were tossed a very sad way to end the season. Then the game was called over by the umpires Final score Anthony's Cafe 15 to 3. This game gives Anthony's the right to play in the semi finals .
    Plate-Tom Scartozzi ~ Bases -Jim Aikens


    Best of 3 Series

    FRIST GAME ~ July 28, 2005

    Freddy's Friends Vs.T. Nagel Roofing --7pm

    You can't find two teams more evenly balanced then these during the season they split their four games both winning two. The teams scoring was almost the same with Nagel out scoring Freddy's 33 to 27 in the four games. But on this night Freddy's came out with fire in their eyes. After just two innings they were up by the score of 7 to 1 No one scored in the third inning then came the top fourth when Freddy's blowed the game apart scoring six runs on six hits Nagel held them to no runs in the last three innings but the game was over. Final score Freddy's Friends - 13 Nagel Roofing - 4.
    Freddy's pitcher Joey Zysk looked like he did 15 years ago pitching Championships for Anthony's Cafe getting hitters to pop up and hit ground outs all night. Nagel pitcher Mike Ciglynsky relieved Marc Alicea in the 6th inning and pitched two scoreless innings. A good number of fans came out to see the game maybe because of the temperature in the low 80's. Even with all of the runs the game was only 1:38. The umpires Tommy Conn plate & Jake Moore on the bases.

    Anthony's Vs. Murphy's --8:15pm

    "WE JUST DID NOT HIT" This is all I could find out about one of the biggest up-sets maybe in playoff history.......I do apologize to you for the lack of game info. But I was not at the game and all I could get was the score Anthony's Cafe - 12 ~ Murph's Bar - 7

    PLEASE TAKE NOTE: The winning team must call in the score of the game. This responsibility for this game was Anthony's coach Greg Fox and he did not call? It is a shame that a coach can't take a few minutes to call in and give his players the credit they deserve for such a great win?

    SECOND GAME -- August 1, 2005

    Murph's Vs. Anthony's Cafe--7pm

    We were told before the game that everything had gone wrong in the last game by Murph's. And when you only get just five hits in a playoff game you should lose! But not this game no way were the 2004 champions going to go down again. They scored four runs in the first inning and from there on it was all Murph's. Here are some of what they did in this 25 to 3 game.

    23 hits - 25 runs - they got nine walks and two hit batters. Four of the hits were home runs two by third baseman Jordan Nicgorski that had five rbi's. Pitcher Ryan Nottis helped himself by hitting a three run home run and another by outfielder Doug Relly.

    Series tied at one game each.

    Gaame Notes: Game 1:32 - Umpires Tommy Conn at the plate and Jimmy Aikens On the bases.
    The Pitchers: Murph's Ryan Nottis 1 & 1 Anthony's Bob Moe 1 & 1 In the 2005 playoffs.


    T. Nagel Roofing Vs. Freddy's Friends--8:15
    Freddy's Friends eliminates a very good Nagel Roofing team in two games by the score of 15 to 12 and move into the 2005 championship series round. It was back in 2003 after they had won the league Championship as Anthony's II and they took their team down to South Philadelphia to try their hand at arc ball. Soon after the 2004 arc ball season had ended they returned to play again in the Rotan league. After a very slow start this team got hot about two weeks ago and have been on a run. They know very well what the championship round is all about and will go into it to do one thing and that is to win it all.
    GAME NOTES: ~ Freddy's takes series 2 to 0. Outfielder Bobby Markley was ejected from this game and will not be able to play untill the second game of the Championship round.
    Umipres ~ Jim Aikens Plate - Tommy Conn Bases

    Anthony's came to show a team that blowed them away just 24 hours before the pride of this name. You could see they were up for this one. Murph's got a first inning run then Anthony's catcher Mike Fasone hit the school wall to tie the game at one each team scored another run when Mike Fasone came to bat again in the fourth inning with one runner on base this time he hit the school wall again and this one put Anthony's up 4 to 3 But it was the 5th and 6th ininngs that Murphy's came to life and scored 11 runs to take this best of three games by the score of 14 to 8.
    Plate-Tom Scartozzi ~ Bases -Chris Lozzi

    GAME NOTES: Anthony's pitchers gave up 17 walks and 33 hits in the last two games. Along with 3 hit batters and 4 errors in two games just don't cut it in the semi finals MURPH'S WIN THIS SERIES 2 TO 1

    Best of 5 Series


    Walks and errors will hurt you in any game but in a Championship game they will kill you. And that is just what happened in this first game of the 2005 Championship Freddy's Friends pitcher Joe Zysk did walk four batters something that is very unusual for this pitcher. But the four errors behind him really did not help and was the down fall of the this game. Along with the good pitching of Murph's young Ryan Nottis that had good stuff on a very hot night. It seemed that any time Freddy's got a player or players on base Ryan shut them down and saved face for some of his players that were not sharp and also had four errors in the agme.
    It was just the second inning when Ryan's brother Rich came to bat with the bases loaded and hit ball over the lower fence in left field for an opposite field grand-slam home run giving Murph's a six run lead. Rich also made the play of the game making a diving catch in the sixth inning with two on and no outs and just missed throwing out the player returning to first base. Freddy's Danny Doyle did all he could and was the only Freddy's player that gave Ryan Nottis any trouble all night driving in four of the teams five runs with two doubles.

    TEAMS -------------------- 1----- 2----- 3----- 4----- 5----- 6----- 7 -----R-----H-----E----W---KO
    FREDDY'S ---------------- 0----- 0----- 0----- 1----- 4----- 0------1----- 5-----12-----4-----4-----0
    MURPH'S ---------------- 1----- 5----- 0----- 1----- 3----- 0------ X----- 9-----9------3-----4-----0

    Freddy's Joey Zysk 0 & 1 In Championship Playoffs
    Murph's Ryan Nottis 1 & 0 In Championship Playoffs

    Time of game 1:16

    Tommy Conn - Plate
    Jimmy Aikens - Bases
    Jake Moore - Bases

    The City of Philadelphia has been asked many many times this season to come and fix the timer in the box in right field. The calls have gone unheard... The outfield lights come on at 8:03pm and the infield lights don't come on untill 8:18pm it was a little hard to see the ball at about 8:05pm in this game and the umpires held up the game about the bottom of the sixth inning untill the lights came on. It is a sin that you have to beg people to just do a little something for Fishtown. But if you were living in any other part of this City it would be fixed with in 24 hours and in some neighborhoods it would have been fixed right away in the same day! And you could bet on that.
    Well we will again call the City on Friday August 5, in the AM and ask them to send someone today to fix the lights.

    SECOND GAME ~ FRIDAY AUGUST 5, 2005 ~ 7:00PM

    Murph's team has a hex over Freddy's team all season long. They won all four games that the teams played this season and the hex continues into the playoffs with them taking the first two games here in the finals.
    But this is a team that can explode at any given time. But you can't win many games giving up (11) walks in two games along with (7) errors. Come Monday the real freddy's team must show up or it will be a long winter for the team.


    Murphy's Jordan Nicgorski Hit two more home runs and drove in 5 RBI's in this game
    And Freddy's Bob Markley hit two home runs for his team and drove in 3 RBI's but it was just not enough to pull this one out.

    TEAMS -------------------- 1----- 2----- 3----- 4----- 5----- 6----- 7 -----R-----H-----E----W---KO
    MURPH'S ---------------- 3----- 3----- 1----- 1----- 5----- 0------1----- 14-----16-----2-----6-----2
    FREDDY'S ---------------- 2----- 2----- 1----- 2----- 0----- 0------ 0----- 7-----10------3-----4-----2

    Freddy's Joey Zysk 0 & 2 In Championship Playoffs
    Murph's Doney 1 & 0 In Championship Playoffs

    Time of game 1:23

    Chris Lozzi - Plate
    Jimmy Aikens - Bases
    Jake Moore - Bases

    THIRD GAME ~ TUESDAY AUGUST 9, 2005 ~ 7:00PM

    Things looked like Freddy's Friends had the hex beaten because after the top of the first inning ended they had just scored 9 runs. But Murph's team came roaring back scoring 7 runs of their own. 15 runs in just one inning. The lead kept moving back and fourth teams taking turns taking the lead. The game turned ugly after Freddy's last outfielder Bobby Markley when he was ejected from the game. The next time he was due up to bat Murph's team walked the batter before with runners on base to get to him to get the automatic out. This inflamed Freddy's team. But things did calm down. All of the pitching in this game was not sharp on this night walking 16 players. A new record by two teams in one playoff game.

    GAME NOTES: Both teams used two pitchers in this game for Murph's Ryan Nottis started and Graig Doney relieved him ~ Joey Zysk started for Freddy's and Gil Newton Jr. came in for him.


    TEAMS -------------------- 1----- 2----- 3----- 4----- 5----- 6----- 7 -----R-----H-----E----W---KO
    FREDDY'S ---------------- 9----- 2----- 0----- 5----- 0----- 0------0----- 18-----11-----2-----9-----1
    MURPH'S ----------------- 7----- 2----- 3----- 6----- 3----- 1------X----- 22-----15-----2-----7-----1

    Freddy's Joey Zysk 2 & 3 In Playoffs
    Murph's Ryan Nottis 2 & 1 In Playoffs
    Murph's G. Doney 3 & 0 In Playoffs

    Time of game 1:47

    Plate-Tom Scartozzi
    Tommy Conn- Bases
    Chris Lozzi - Bases

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