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SINCE 1996

I started playing at the tail end of the 1969 after finishing up with Fishtown A.C. I played I a handful of games with Lippy Gave and the 5 & 1 Club. Then it was Kelly's Happy Tap, The Palmer Club, Advance Auto, Fishtown Tavern and finally J & T Roofing.
i was fortunate enough to be a part of eight night league Championships and nine Saturday league Championships. Also there were those wins in the Gold Medal and A.S.A. Tournaments.
Aside from the great teams and all the Championships the most importune thing to me was all those friends I made along the way. Those who I played against and those who were my teammates. If I tried to name them I would forget someone and that would be an injustice.
The years in the night and Saturday leagues were challening and competitive but mainly fun. The way sports should be. I finished playing in 1993 after 24 years. I truly miss playing but more so I miss the people.

Bob was one of the best players to ever play in the Fishtown softball league. He was one of the greatest pitchers ever in league history. He pitched a number of no hitters and one hitters. Also known as one of the best hitters when it came his turn at bat Bob could really hit. He played shortstop when he was not pitching and was outstanding there also.

Bob played for Fishtown A.C. at the age of 14 years old. He set so many records pitching for the club. His life time ERA in 143 innings was 1.95 is the second best ever. And his life time batting average of .359 in four seasons is also second highest ever recorded with the club he also won two M.V.P's and he was one of the top two players to ever play for the Fishtown A.C. He and John Powell's number #10 was the only number ever retired in baseball at the club in 1969.

Inducted in the Hall Of Fame in 1996