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2003 - JR. BAREZ #15
September 1, 1950

SINCE 2003

A large turnout was on hand by 7:15pm to meet Jr. many members of the Hall Of fame and numbers of his family filled the infield and benches. After the ceremony when asked if he would like to say anything. He said no but waved his hands and said "Thank You All" Jr. Barez went to Edison High School in Philadelphia from 1966 to 1968 He was All Public three times and All State in Football.

He started playing in the Fishtown Mens Softball League in 1973 playing for Lederer’s Bar and played there until 1975.

He then played with Bradley’s Bar for the next ten years from 1976 until 1986 His team made the playoffs every year and made the championship round many times and won the Championship in 1976. "We won only once because of Donald Dougherty and Bobby Mc Gee's team. No one could beat them."

He was in a class by himself and ran like a deer, had lots of power to hit the ball over the fence in left field many many times. And had a arm like no other. Even the fastest runners in the league would not run on this guy.


"Junior was not only a threat with his speed, his glove "his bat" as I was a pitcher believe me (alway's intimidated me) coming to the plate. Follow the ball, fast swing of the bat. Wow, I admired him than and do now. As I said in my Hall of Fame article, that's one guy I truly believe at that time turn on the T.V see him at the plate in the field of dreams a "Pro". -Joe Wyatt.

Entered Hall Of Fame August 11, 2003