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September 18, 1941 ~ June 9, 1996

SINCE 1992

He may have been the best first baseman ever to play in the league. Known as "Jimo" He started playing softball in 1963 after serving in the U.S. Army that he entered right after high school. It was the spring of 1963 Jimo that had been a baseball player in school and in leagues around Fishtown. But this season he would get into softball and that would be with the Third Base Bar team. Right from the start you knew this guy was a ball player. The first season he started at third base and he played some shortstop over the years. But after a few years he moved to first base where he was always meant to play.
His coach and friend Bob "Herky" Hertensteiner said "I really don't remember Jimo ever making a error he was so good. And if I had to pick one player to get me a hit I would pick Jimo. He was the best hitter when you really needed a hit. I have never seen anyone better in this league"
Jimo played from 1963 to 1978 when he broke his leg sliding into second base. He was never the same after that he did come back and played a little in 1979 but a stroke ended his playing days. He died in June 9, 1996.
Besides the Third Base Bar Jimo played with The Palmer Club and Kelly's Happy Tap He was apart of eight championship teams over his 15 seasons.
He was the first player Inducted into the Hall Of Fame in 1992