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James "Jimmy" Diamond - Coach
June 12, 1947

SINCE 2004

Started coaching softball in the 1970's. Known as a tough coach to play for because he would not take any player that would not give the game less then 100%. If you knew this coach you came to play every game day in and day out. Jim knew the game of softball inside out. Along with this he knew the league rules and how to use them to his best advantage.

Coach Diamond won more championships (8) then any coach in the history of this league and that record still stands today. He also coached more games in the Fishtown League than any other coach.

He came out of retirement to Coach in the "Thank You Fishtown Re-Union" game played on June 25, 2004.

He is the first coach to ever be inducted into the Rotan Hall of Fame August 10, 2004