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Welcome to the Dave Rotan Sr.
Hall of Fame Gallery.

Here, you will see the pictures and a wrapup of the Hall of Fame careers of the members of the Rotan League Hall of Fame. Navigation to the individual pages is done through the Hall of Fame.

It is a cliche in sports to say that members of a hall of fame have entered the "Pantheon of Greatness". That's probably a little overdone. The members here were all great players, true. They all contributed, each in his own way, to the league and to the lore of softball in Fishtown.

Our point here is that they should not be forgotten. In many ways, the league today is a direct result of their pioneering efforts.

The hall of fame would like to thank the familys of the members in the hall for all of their great support in remembering those love ones..........

The Gallery is not finished, as you can see. We still need pictures of a few of the players. Hopefully, these will be here soon.

So, enjoy the exhibit. If you have any comments, please leave them on the Forum.


Rotan Hall Of Fame Candidates

Bill Shank Sr.
V.J. Burns
Gary Balmer
James (Turk) Miskell
Bill Gassman Jr.
Joey (Ski) Szalwinski
Tommy Dunbar
Bob Casey ~ First League Commissioner
Rich Nottis Sr.
Lefty O’Toole ~ Coach
Bobby Seedes
Tommy Ewald
Ricky Shinieder
Walter Hicks
Joey Zysk
Sonny Mole
Joe Joe White
Werner Brand
Jerry Lukach
Danny Shissler Sr.
Pat Hart Sr.
David Dougherty Sr.
Chris Smith
Tommy Dixon

Do you remember someone that is not on this list?

If you remember a player or coach way back when, that you truly believe deserves to be considered for the Hall Of Fame please remember the person must be retired from the league for at least two years. Please send us the name and a little background if you can remember any. Send it by using our E-Mail below.
And thank you very much for your time and interest in the leagues Hall Of Fame.

Nominating Committee
Bill Wilcox
Tommy Mc Clain
Jack Moore
Joey Zysk

The Hall of fame committee meets two times each years. To consider new names and nominating up to five names to be voted on and choosing the person to be inducted in to "Hall" each year. You are invited to give any name you feel to any of the committee. The name would be turned over to the committee for its consideration. And may be added to the "Hall Of Fame list.


The Dave Rotan Softball League would like to thank Mr. John Gallagher for all of his wonderful work he put into the building of this Hall of Fame and Gallery Site..............

We believe more exciting then ever thanks to John Gallagher.