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SINCE 1996

He started playing softball with the Palmer Club, spent a good five years with them and won the championship in all but one season. The Palmer club broke up and the team all moved over to Kelly's Happy Tap where He played for over ten years with them winning ten championships. Soon after that "we broke our team up and we all went different ways. I then went on to play for Advance Auto for a few years and won a championship with that team. After that the advance team became j and t roofing where I continued to play and also won a few championships with them. That is where I first played with Tommy Slevenski. After that I felt it was time for me to hang em up. 1996 I think was my last year."

Double D. Dougherty started playing baseball with the Fishtown A.C. Club when he was just 14 years old. He played five years for the A.C. Over the five season's Donald played at one time or another all nine positions(The olny player to every do this on the 16 to 19 year old team) In his last season he was voted by his teammates M.V.P. If it was not for a great player named John Powell that was M.V.P. the first four years that Donald played he would have been M.V.P. more times.

Team coaches came from all over the City to watch him play each season. And he was asked by many teams at the end of each season if he would come and play on their team the next year? But Donald never left Fishtown the place where he was born.

Number #6 was known as the greatest power hitter to ever play in the Fishtown Softball League. He lead the league every year that he played in home runs. He could easy be considered the best all around ball player that ever played in the league. Not only could he hit. But ran the bases like a deer. And as far as an outfielder. No one ran on him he had a great arm and would nail runners trying to take that extra base.

Inducted Into The Hall Of Fame In 1996