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SINCE 2000

One of the most dynamic outfielders to ever play the game Richie was also a very good singles hitter. Started as a 14 year old kid playing for Fishtown A.C. He was fast as a deer. He would run over anything to get to a ball. Jack Moore his coach when he played for Fishtown A.C. said "He played every game the same way. Like it was his last he always gave 110% you could not find anyone anywhere that could give you more"
He played in the league from the early 70's to the 1990's almost 22 season's. In the 70's he Played for Kellyís Happy Tap the team won the championship in eight of the nine seasonís Richie played.
With his brother Donald already inducted into the Hall Of Fame in 1996. Means this is the first two brotherís to make the leagues Hall of Fame.
When Richey played there was bunting and three outfielders. Rich remembers some of the the 70's seasons the league played three games a night. The last game would start at about 10pm at night.
Inducted into the Hall Of Fame September 22, 2000