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May 7, 1932 ~ April 1, 1996

SINCE 1997

"I asked him over and over many times to quit. I even begged him to leave" His wife Helen of 40 years told us. "But he lived for his league. He Idolized it"
Dave Rotan served in the U.S. Army and when he came out he played for the Belgrade Rams Football team. He married Helen in 1956 and they had two children a daughter Michele and a son David Jr. And they lived in Fishtown more then sixty years.
Back then he worked at C.F.R. a car renting business for a few years before starting at Penn Maid Foods where he worked until he retired.
Dave took over the league after Commissioner Tom Thomson left. He ran it for more then 30 years giving evrything he had to make it the best league that he could. No one knows the nights you get home from work and maybe really don't feel that good but you have to get in your car and go to Hetzells and start fixing it up and lining the field for the games and there was no box then so the bases and home plate and balls had to be packed in the trunk of his car. You don't get paid you do it because you love the game and the league that was Dave Rotan.
One year after his death in 1996 of a massive heart attack. The league Re-named the Fishtown Mens Softball League to The Dave Rotan Sr. Softball League. It will always be your league now Dave, Thank You for everything you have done!

Inducted in the Hall Of Fame in 1997