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May 21, 1970

SINCE 2005

When he was 10 years old he started playing baseball for Fishtown A.C. At 17 he was ready to play softball

“I never played third base until I started playing softball. When I was a kid playing baseball I was always an outfielder”

It was not until he started playing softball in 1988 and the team had no 3rd. baseman that he volunteered to play the hot corner.

His first team called them self’s Picayune. Along the way he played with The Forks Bar, The Gardendale Club, and Bob’s Happy Hour Bar. Then his first two night league championships in 1995 & 96 with Anthony’s Café. But no Championship meant more to Danny then the 1999 Shissler Rec. night league Championship. This one will always be the closest to his heart. And this one would be dedicated to his dad. People that watched him play called him the best ever to play the position in Fishtown. He retired in 2004

#15 Inducted into the Hall Of Fame on ~ Tuesday August 9, 2005