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SINCE 2005

Charlie started playing baseball with a little church called Faith A.C. when he was just 16 years old he played there for four years. Then one night he was standing at Hetzells watching a game when a team called Little Republican Club came up to him and asked him to play for them they needed a player he did and he played for just one game because after that game he was asked to play for Third Base Bar “B” team by their coach Porky Gallagher. So for the next 13 years he played with some of the best teams in the night league. Teams like Third Base Bar, The Palmer Club and Kelly’s Happy Tap over all winning 11 Championships. Not many players can ever say that.

He split his time between Shortstop and second base - Hall of famer Don Dougherty calls him "Charlie Hustle The Bandana kid he always gave you 110% and made the double play like no other” Jack Moore saids "he was always a quiet guy. He let his bat and glove do all of his talking"

#5 Inducted into the Hall Of Fame on Tuesday August 9, 2005